Write Your Own Sonnet
Now that you have studied the different types of sonnets and
had some lively discussions, you are ready to try one of your
own. Follow these steps to do so:
1) Choose a topic
2) Choose a sonnet type: Petrarchan (Italian),
Shakespearean (English), Spenserian, or create your own
(use your 1st or last name for this – ex. Conwayan)
3) Follow that particular sonnet’s format and rhyme scheme
(if creating one, it must show formality)
4) Write your lines in iambic pentameter (you may have to
use some inverted word order to do this; Be Creative!)
5) Include AT LEAST ONE sensory image
6) Include AT LEAST TWO different literary devices (simile,
metaphor, hyperbole, personification, symbol, alliteration,
use of something from How To Read Literature, motif,
paradox, etc.)
7) Type and entitle your sonnet (and don’t forget your
8) Check spelling
9) Decorate (with a border, clip art, background, etc)
10) Write on the back the sonnet’s type, format, and rhyme
scheme AND identify the sensory image and the literary
device used (example and type)
DUE: Friday, March 2nd
 follows proper sonnet form
o formal format & rhyme scheme
o type, format, & rhyme scheme identified on back
o 10 syllables per line (3 pts.); at least 5 lines iambic
Pentameter (6 pts.); all lines in iambic pentameter
 sensory image included AND identified on back
 2 literary devices included AND identified on back
 title and decoration
 no spelling errors
Total points possible

Write Your Own Sonnet