University of Hawaii-Hilo
College of Business and Economics
ECON 131-001
Instructor: Tam Vu, Ph.D.
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Location: K127
Spring 2008
Office: PB-9 #2, phone: 974-7462
Time: MWF, 8-8:50 AM
E -mail: [email protected]
Office Hour: Wednesday, 4:30-5:45 PM
Thursday, 12:15-1:45 PM and 2:00-3:15 PM
Friday, 1:15-2:30 PM
Course Description:
ECON 131 aims to provide students with knowledge of the introductory-level
macroeconomics. Basic economic principles will be introduced. The functioning of
economic systems with emphasis on the forces determining levels of, and changes in,
national outputs, employment, and the price level will be discussed.
Prerequisite: ECON 100, or ECON 130, or consent of instructor. Students are urged to
review high school algebra and geometry.
Course Materials:
Require Textbook: Krugman, Paul and Robin Wells, Macroeconomics,
Worth Publishers, 2006. The text is available in the UHH bookstore.
Required tool: the i<Clicker, which is available from the bookstore.
There is a Study Guide to Accompany the Macroeconomics in reserve at the
library for students who wish to use as additional practice for exam.
Course Requirements:
Grades will be determined by three exams, homework assignments, and class
participation. The grading will utilize plus and minus signs.
Two Mid-Term Exams, each includes twenty multiple-choice questions and one
essay-type question of 150-200 words.
Final Exam: forty multiple-choice questions and one essay-type question of 150200 words.
Self-assessment quizzes will be given but will not be graded. Answer keys will
be provided for each self-assessment quiz.
Homework assignments will have similar forms to the exams. Deadlines for all
assignments have to be met in order to receive full credits.
Class Participation:
Class participation includes attendance and contribution to the class discussions
and activities. Handouts will be distributed before each class to help with reading
assignments and class discussions.
20% of the grade
Class Participation: 5% of the grade
Mid-Term Exam I: 20% of the grade
Mid-Term Exam II: 20% of the grade
Final exam:
40% of the grade
Note that there are ten homework assignments, so each is worth 2% of the total
grade. The combination of homework and class participation will form your "backup" grade, which is 25% of your total grade. Hence, your performance in each exam
is still the most important factor to improve your grade. The final exam weighs
twice as important as each midterm exam.
Makeup exams:
No makeup time is given to students who arrive late at an exam. Acceptable
excuses for missing exams are medical emergencies or important events such as
funeral, court appearances, jury duty, etc. Please present a written document from a
respective authority for a makeup exam.
Students with Disabilities:
Any student with a documented disability who would like to request
accommodations should contact the University Disability Services Office, Hale
Kauanoe A Wing Lounge, 933-0816(V), 933-3334 (TTY), or email Ms. Susan
Shirachi at [email protected], as early in the semester as possible.
Students should consult with their own adviser at least once a semester to decide
on courses, check progress toward graduation, and discuss other educational services
provided by the UH-Hilo.
Reading Requirements and Schedule (Tentative)
January 14: Syllabus and Introduction
January 16-18: Chapter 1, First Principles
January 16: Homework 1 given
January 21: Martin Luther King Day, no class
January 23-25: Chapter 2, Economics Models: Trade off and Trade
January 23: Homework 1 due at the beginning of the class, Homework 2 given
January 28-30: Chapter 3, Supply and Demand
January 30: Homework 2 due at the beginning the class, Homework 3 given
February 1: Chapter 4, Market Strikes Back. Price Ceiling and Price Floor
Note: February 3rd is the last day to withdraw without a "W"
February 4-6: Chapter 6, Macroeconomics: The Big Picture
February 6: Homework 3 due at the beginning of the class
February 8: Review
February 11: Midterm I
February 13-20: Exam returns, Chapter 7, Tracking the Macroeconomy
February 13: Homework 4 given
February 18: President's Day, no class
February 20: Homework 4 due at the beginning of the class, Homework 5 given
February 22-27: Chapter 8, Long-Run Economic Growth
February 27: Homework 5 due at the beginning of the class, Homework 6 giv
February 29-March 5: Chapter 9, Saving, Investment, and the Financial System
March 5: Homework 6 due at the beginning of the class
March 7: Review
Note: March 7 is the last day to withdraw with a “W”
March 10: Midterm II
March 12-19: Exam return. Chapter 10, Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
March 14: Homework 7 given
March 21: Good Friday, no class
March 24-28: Happy Spring Break!!
March 31-April 4: Chapter 12, Fiscal Policy
April 2: Homework 7 due at the beginning of the class, Homework 8 given
April 7-11: Chapter 13, Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve System
April 11: Homework 8 due at the beginning of the class, Homework 9 given
April 14-18: Chapter 14, Monetary Policy
April 21-25: Chapter 15, Labor Market
April 21: Homework 9 due at the beginning of the class. Homework 10 given
April 28-May 2: Chapter 16, Inflation, Disinflation, and Deflation
April 30: Homework 10 due at the beginning of the class
Homework 11 given for practice only
May 5-7: Review
Note: May 7 is the last day to completely withdrawal with a "W"
Final Exam: Monday, May 12, 7:30-9:30 AM
This information is obtained from the UHH website. Please verify it.

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