Department: Technical Communication
Designation: Technical Communication
Course Number/Title: TCO 341: Technical Communication
Catalog Description: Introduction to forms and processes of technical communication,
including letters and memos, reports, instructions, and proposals. Includes presentations,
peer reviews, collaborative efforts. Emphasis is on determining audience and purpose,
especially within organizational contexts, and on designing effective documents.
Introduction to resume and data gathering.
Prerequisite(s): EGR 107/108 or FYS 101/102, or equivalents, junior standing
 Markel, M.. 2006. Technical Communication. 8th edition. New York, NY: Bedford
St. Martin's.
Course Objectives:
The overall objectives of the course are to
(1) Analyze the audience and purpose for a document, and design an appropriate
document that achieves its communication goals
(2) Identify the types and purposes of documents used in a professional context
(3) Prepare an effective resume of skills and experience
(4) Prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation
(5) Conduct peer reviews
(6) Participate in team writing activities
(7) Use effective proposal writing techniques to develop a brief proposal
Topics Covered:
Communication purpose
Document design
Communication ethics
International technical communication
Memos and letters
Oral presentations
Class/Laboratory Schedule: TR, 10:50-12:05
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Relationship of Course to Program Outcomes:
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Prepared by: George Hayhoe
Date: 31 January 2007