Expository writing
Expository writing seeks to inform, explain,
clarify, define or instruct.
The general characteristics of expository
writing include:
focus on main topic
logical supporting facts
details, explanations, and
strong organization
unity and coherence
logical order
smooth transitions
Expository writing appears in and is not limited
to letters, newsletters, definitions, instructions,
guidebooks, catalogues, newspaper articles,
magazine articles, manuals, pamphlets, reports
and research papers.
Write a story about a trip you are going
to take and what friend you want to take
with you. Explain why this friend would
be the best person to go with you.
Describe the cause and effects of
pollution in the environment. Narrow
your topic to one form of pollution, such
as something that causes air, water or
land pollution.
Explain the process of baking a birthday
Find an example of expository writing;
explain the elements that make this a
good example.