A Favorite Poem- Show and Tell Poetry Appreciation
English 4 AP / Mrs. Ramos
We have studied only an atom of poetry.
We have put it under the AP microscope and analyzed the soul out of it. It has dried on the slide.
We have performed autopsies.
But poetry is literature that rises from the frigid steel dissection table. It regenerates from under the cover slip.
And we can let it live.
- Assignment The final few days of class will be devoted to poetry appreciation. Some students will share poems
with the class (extra credit). Everyone will respond to the poems that are shared (grades).
Locate a poem that you love. Some song lyrics are poems. Send me an ecopy (Word attachment) of
your selection. I’ll make copies, a transparency for your “lesson” and let you know when you’ll be
scheduled to show and tell your poem.
Be sure to include:
On the poem copy itself:
 the poet (years of birth /death)
 title
 year the poem was written
In the email message:
 give me a brief statement about what
you like about the poem
 the response question you will pose to
the class
Show and Tell
When you give your show and tell, you will need to:
 Remember that you are the teacher.
 Read the poem to us. Your reading should be exciting and dramatic enough fit the style, topic,
and theme of the poem.
 Tell us--What is great about it? What does it say? What is interesting or innovative or special
about it?
 Ask the class a thought-provoking question about your poem. Their answer / response will be
their grade and you will receive their papers. You will also need to respond back to them.
Ideas for questions:
Point out a particular section and ask a question about it that has no one correct
Ask about something you are still trying to sort out about the poem.
Ask about ways the poem connects to other pieces we have read (or pieces we’ve read
in this class).
Appreciators / Appreciationists
 Those who choose not to show and tell will still need to respond to the poems brought in by
their classmates. I will read the responses (for grades) and so will the student who presented.
You will receive comments on your response, so your ideas should be thoughtful.

A Favorite Poem-- Poetry Show and Tell