Once someone told me no matter what people say or think about you the most important thing is that
you now ‘what you are like’, ‘what you are’ and … ‘who you are’! With this and the promise that I would
believe in myself I started a new year, a new school year, a new day. My last year at school as a
I took a fresh start. The first morning of a new school day I woke up early ,took a shower, washed my
long brown hair and put on some make-up! I looked in my closet and put on the new jeans with the red
top, I looked very fine. Then, I took the bus to school and when I arrived a moment of sadness fell over
me. Most people of last year were gone, even my best friends! There were people I had never seen
The teachers were awful. They were hard and strict and one treated us like little children!
I did my best to do my homework and to study for tests, but it was hard. I couldn’t make friends, they
all hated me. I lived alone but I was glad that I had my own studio because living with my parents was
even worse than living alone. They were very strict and I could never go out with friends. So, I decided
to live on my own. It was a very cosy place but I always felt like I didn’t belong there.
Slowly the days moved on and I slowly was falling deeper into a big black hole. I was cutting myself in
my arms ,I drank a lot of alcohol and I smoked like a chimney .
One day I met a boy my age ,who wasn’t in my class .He listened to my problems and talked to me like
we had known each other for years. For the first time in a long time I felt better . I had found someone
to talk to ,to laugh with and to spend my time with when I felt lonely. The weeks past by and friendship
became more than just ‘friendship’. It became true love. That was what I thought .
Around Valentine we had a strong relationship. Till that one special night…
We went to a nice bar with a lot of music and delicious alcohol. I got drunk and all the things that
happened after that are not really clear to me.
The day after that at school he didn’t say ‘hello’ ,he didn’t give me a morning kiss .
He totally ignored me . I was so disappointed ,maybe I had done something wrong, so I tried to go back
in time to remember what had happened that night.
I started with the drinks. I drank 3 Whisky’s and some Bacardi’s .Then we left the bar and went to a
sort of one-night-stand hotel. ONE NIGHT STAND!!! My head started spinning around. I started to think
but it couldn’t be. Would he stay by my side for such a long time and make me happy just to have that
one night ? It was a great night that’s true but I really thought that it was love! I just hated him now , I
couldn’t see him anymore.
That moment was too much and I fell into that deep black hole again.
For months and weeks I didn’t sleep well , I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t study.
I lived like in a thriller that never ended ! It was the worst year of my life. The promise that I made to
myself in the beginning of the year just faded away.
On a cold October evening I went to a cold dark garage somewhere out of town. I couldn’t take all the
pain any longer. I wanted to end all that tragedy in my life. I took a rope and I looked for hours and
hours at that same rope . After a long time I realised it wasn’t a good idea to hang myself and never be
found by anyone . I took a deep breath and returned to my studio . This time I took a real fresh start. I
went to a new school and I made a lot of new friends. And when I was ready to love someone again I
met a really nice guy who I married and had 2 children with.
Now my children already have children of their own and me and my husband are very happy. It’s
strange how something so bad can change into such a beautiful thing.
This story is based on a true story!

Once someone told me no matter what people say or think about