Daniel M. Smith
3190 US HWY 72 W
Lumberton, NC 28360
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Cell: (910)301-7339
[email protected]
Entry level position that leads to a career involving some aspect of
computer science.
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, NC
Graduation Date: May 2010
Relevant courses/description:
* Computer Science I: First course in CS an introduction to programming which consist
of programming in the C++ language on a visual basic platform.
* Computer Science II: Second level to programming C++ which included arrays,
pointers, references, classes, composition and inheritance, user-defined structures, text
processing, and file I/O with emphasis in modular programming and structured
* Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis: Basic concepts of data structures and
algorithm analysis. Topics such as lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, sorting and
* Programming languages: Control structures and data flow, for procedural and nonprocedural languages. An introduction to several programming languages and protocols.
* Database Concepts: Logical and physical data and file organization.
* Software Design: Introduces software development life-cycle. Topics such as project
management project organization, specification methods, and cost estimation.
* Operating Systems: operating system functions and concepts: processes, processor
allocation, memory management, virtual memory, I/O and files design.
* Computer Architecture: A study of logical construction of computers, Boolean logic,
memory and processor organization.
* Unix Administration and Systems Programming: An detailed introduction to UNIX
operating system from the administration perspective, text manipulation techniques using
* Artificial Intelligence: Topics included heuristic programming, knowledge
representation, natural language understanding, expert systems and search strategies.
* Numerical and Symbolic Computing: Solving mathematical and symbolic problems.
Writing programs that calculates functions used in mathematics.
* Modern Computing Protocols: Introduction to the use and application of state of the
art software management information systems for business application and networking.
* Modern Programming Applications: Introduction to two or more new programming
* Assembly language: Low level programming which required the use of registers and
memory allocation.
* Introduction to Mobile Robotics: Introduction to design, construction, and
programming of mobile robots.
Relative projects:
-Created an application using gui(graphical user interface) jpane and radio
buttons, that would let the user select between an triangle, square, and a rectangle and
determine the area.
-Created an application that calculated intervals.
Minored in networking taking courses such as:
Network Communications I & II, Operating systems of technology, and network
administration and security
Skills obtained: C++, java, python, assembly language, c, microsoft office, unix/linux,
mySQL and macOS
 robotics: sonar and bumper programming in c
 GUI radio buttons and arithmetic
 Localization and mapping of robots
 LAN/WAN installation from scratch
Veteran Affairs Scholarship
Work experience:
Current: South Eastern Regional Medical Center
Computer Operation(prn)
 Monitor systems provided by SRMC
 Answer calls of other employees in effort to troubleshoot systems
 Troubleshoot hardware problems ( such as keyboards, monitors, mouse, etc.)
Duke University
Durham NC
REU internship (research) 6/2010-8/2010
* Browse the web in search of topics on robotics and advances that are currently in the
field as of today
* Program and edit code in python that will allow an iRobot create to maneuver.
Mountaire Farms
Lumber Bridge NC 2/2005- 7/2006
Foot operations
* Inspected chicken parts, graded parts, stacked pallets, and scanned labels for shipping
* Examined and inspected containers, materials, and products in order to ensure that
packing specifications are met.
* Measured, weighed, and counted products and materials.
* Recorded products, packaging, and order information on specified forms and records.
Robson Community College
Lumberton NC
Tutor (Work Study)
* Helped elementary students with work assignments in math and English
* Discussed assigned duties with classroom teachers in order to coordinate instructional
* Tutored and assisted children individually or in small groups in order to help them
master assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers.
* Assisted students with hardware and software use.

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