Material Safety Data Sheet
Product and Organisation Information
Product Name:
Technical phone:
Titre PlusTM Virus Titration kit
Oxford Expression Technologies
+44 (1865) 483236
+44 (1865) 483250
Product Name:
a) Tris EDTA Buffer Solution pH 8.0 (as available from Sigma Aldrich)
See MSDS Product 93283 Sigma-Aldrich
Product Name:
b) Oligonucleotide Forward and Reverse Primers (as available from Invitrogen)
See MSDS Product 10629 Invitrogen
Product Name:
c) Dual Labelled Probe (as available from MWG)
See MSDS Product 2003-05-22 MSDS for Oligonucleotide (MWG)
Product Name:
d) DNA (FlashBAC, plasmid)
1. Stability and Reactivity
Conditions and materials to avoid
Hazardous Decomposition Products
Not available
Not available
2. Toxicological Information
Routes of entry
Acute effects:
Skin contact
Eye contact
Chronic effects:
Absorbed through skin, dermal contact
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
3. Disposal Consideration
Waste must be disposed of in accordance with government and local environmental control
4. Transport Information
Not controlled under IATA
5. Other Information
To the best of our knowledge, the information above is accurate. However, the above named
supplier assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the information
contained herein.
Information updated 08 February 2008

Material Safety Data Sheet - Oxford Expression Technologies