Chapter 6: Sedimentary and
Metamorphic Rocks
Part I, the Vocabulary:
 If you already know the term, Write “I know this” THEN put a brief definition in
your own words in the box.
 Try not to use the whole box in case you have to make a correction or addition.
 If you DO NOT know the word, look up the definition and write it down
Definition of cementation
Definition of clastic
Definition of deposition
Definition of lithification
Definition of sediment
Definition of evaporite
Definition of porosity
Definition of contact metamorphism
Definition of foliated
Definition of nonfoliated
Definition of rock cycle
Part II, Formation of Sedimentary Rocks?
What are sediments?
Use the following venn diagram to compare and contrast weathering and erosion/transport.
Summarize how lithification turns sediments into rock.
Part III: Types of Sedimentary Rocks
Below is an organizer with Three columns: There are 3 types of clastic sedimentary rocks.
At the top of each column, write the name of the mineral group and give characteristics of each
How do Chemical Sedimentary rocks form? Name some examples
Coal is an example of an Organic Sedimentary Rock. How does coal form?
Why are sedimentary rocks important? List some uses of these type of rock.
Part IV: Metamorphic Rocks
There are 2 metamorphic rock textures: foliated and nonfoliated. Summarize these in the table
below. Be sure to include examples of each texture type!
What is the rock cycle?
Sketch your own version of the rock cycle in the space below:
Chapter Review (due the day before the next test)
Pages 144-145
 Understanding Main Ideas: 1-5, 8, 10, 13, 14, 17
 Applying Main Ideas: 23, 24, 25