[11:48] Type /help for a list of commands
[11:48] guest-5044 changed nickname to robertsicili
[11:49] robertsicili: u there?
[11:49] guest-5092 entered the room
[11:50] robertsicili: who is here? Lu?
[11:50] robertsicili: hey!
[11:51] guest-5092 changed nickname to dskimmed2009
[11:51] dskimmed2009: hi
[11:51] dskimmed2009: yes its me man
[11:52] robertsicili: nice meeting u
[11:52] robertsicili: where are you from
[11:52] dskimmed2009: I Have told you already man
[11:52] guest-5237 entered the room
[11:52] guest-5237 changed nickname to kingtork
[11:52] dskimmed2009: or have u forgotten that man
[11:53] robertsicili: you havent told me
[11:53] dskimmed2009: oh okay man
[11:53] robertsicili: just country is fine
[11:54] robertsicili: u there?
[11:55] robertsicili: why did you agree to speak to me?
[11:55] dskimmed2009: am here now man
[11:55] dskimmed2009: what do u mean ?
[11:56] robertsicili: well, your business isnt a normal one and usually guys like you try to stay 100percent under
the radar
[11:56] dskimmed2009: ahahaha
[11:56] dskimmed2009: very good man
[11:56] dskimmed2009: so u too which country are u from ?
[11:57] robertsicili: US
[11:57] dskimmed2009: VERY GOOD
[11:57] dskimmed2009: U are welcome
[11:57] dskimmed2009: I'm 27 years of age and u?
[11:57] robertsicili: what methods to you use to get data?
[11:57] robertsicili: im 41
[11:58] dskimmed2009: wow.......then am small boy to u right
[11:58] robertsicili: youll be 40 before you know it
[11:58] robertsicili: i still have most of my hair so its a good thing
[11:59] dskimmed2009: okay man
[11:59] robertsicili: what country? your english is fine
[12:00] dskimmed2009: What do you need to buy now man?
[12:00] robertsicili: all business, i get it.
[12:00] robertsicili: i want to tell your story. you are very interesting.
[12:01] dskimmed2009: yes am interesting man ok
[12:01] dskimmed2009: dont be serious let finish the deal at least today now ok
[12:01] robertsicili: i write for numerous US papers and find what you do facinating. Id like to understand your
[12:02] dskimmed2009: yes man that is it
[12:02] dskimmed2009: so which of the site did u find my contact?\
[12:02] robertsicili: nit sure, it was on a forum how do you accept payment?
[12:03] robertsicili: it actually showed in my google alerts
[12:04] robertsicili: usually one has to be underground to find someone like you, but it was on a public site
[12:04] dskimmed2009: yes becoz i have registered both private and public sites ok
[12:05] dskimmed2009: so if u go to google and type even my id,my name,my phone number there u will see
all my profile with my stuffs
[12:05] robertsicili: http://forum.egypt.com/enforum/classes-source-code-f93/cvv-fullz-dumps-logins-transfersetc-37761.html
[12:06] robertsicili: so its not a problem for you to be public? how do you keep from being traced?
[12:06] dskimmed2009: oh i see
[12:06] dskimmed2009: very good man
[12:06] dskimmed2009: i have many securities upon me so u dont need to be worried about that at all man ok
[12:07] dskimmed2009: becoz i do genue and valid business here with many and more costumers man
[12:07] dskimmed2009: so no one will traced upon me ok
[12:07] robertsicili: not worried, just curious, youre very smart
[12:07] dskimmed2009: why are u saying that am smart
[12:08] robertsicili: because you are able to be public, but still anonomous
[12:08] robertsicili: not everyone understands that technology
[12:08] dskimmed2009: of course man becoz if i were to be bad i will never be in public annoucenment forums
[12:09] robertsicili: what is your "valid business"
[12:09] robertsicili: selling others data is not valid is it?
[12:10] robertsicili: im just trying to understand
[12:10] dskimmed2009: My valid business is to just do long term business with the other costumers man
[12:10] robertsicili: how do you get the data?
[12:10] dskimmed2009: always i do give them what they will paid me for ok
[12:10] dskimmed2009: i dont dissapoint them as some ppl's are doing to the other costumers
[12:10] robertsicili: so you are an hoinest business man who doesnt stiff his customers.
[12:11] dskimmed2009: i never stiff my costumers ok
[12:11] robertsicili: i see you take pride in that. and you should.
[12:11] dskimmed2009: am not interesting to do that to my costumers to loose my market man
[12:11] dskimmed2009: i always want to do long term business with my costumers
[12:12] robertsicili: there must be a lot of dishonest people in your business who stiff people
[12:12] robertsicili: how long have you been doing it?
[12:12] dskimmed2009: of course and they are those who used to spoiled most of the hackers business man
[12:13] robertsicili: so you are a "hacker", do you get the data directly?
[12:13] dskimmed2009: i have been in this business for very good 17 years of age man
[12:13] robertsicili: wow. 10 years, very impressive.
[12:14] guest-6031 entered the room
[12:14] dskimmed2009: yes man
[12:14] dskimmed2009: i use to go to Ho Minh Chin...Vietnam to hack softwares and come back to russian
again man
[12:15] dskimmed2009: i have 3 types of softwares i use for my work man
[12:15] robertsicili: what are they called?
[12:15] dskimmed2009: One if for use to skimmed dumps
[12:15] dskimmed2009: software to skimmed dumps called Skimmer
[12:16] dskimmed2009: i have one too hacking software it used to hack credit card numbers and bank logins
[12:16] robertsicili: hard ware affixed to an ATM and a small camera?
[12:16] dskimmed2009: i have western union bug software version 2010 with an activation code
[12:17] dskimmed2009: used to do online western union wireing and also hacking an mtcn numbers out from
fullz man
[12:17] dskimmed2009: i have all types of skimming
[12:18] robertsicili: "hacking software" the so on other peoples computers?
[12:18] robertsicili: you are able to exploit a vulberability?
[12:18] dskimmed2009: OH YES
[12:19] robertsicili: unpatched wondows, no antivirus? what holes do you find?
[12:21] robertsicili: are these PCs that are used in business or at home and what are the holes you find that allow
you to get in?
[12:21] dskimmed2009: everything is on the software ok
[12:21] dskimmed2009: \if u operetae that everything will tell u how to go for ok
[12:21] robertsicili: ok, just trying to understand how it works.
[12:22] dskimmed2009: no problem man
[12:22] robertsicili: did you create or buy the software?
[12:22] dskimmed2009: if u are simple u will get to understand my point at easy ways ok
[12:22] dskimmed2009: i went to Vietnam to buy that man
[12:22] robertsicili: are you russian?
[12:23] dskimmed2009: am not a russian man
[12:23] robertsicili: vietnamese?
[12:23] dskimmed2009: just that i have based there for some years for business man
[12:23] robertsicili: ok
[12:23] robertsicili: what is the western union bug all about? explain please?
[12:23] dskimmed2009: i have been there for good 8 years just to study how to hack very experiencely and
perfect way man
[12:24] dskimmed2009: the western union bug is use to do the online transaction western union online payment
with the western union b
[12:24] robertsicili: vietnam isnt as knwn as say Romania is for great hackers
[12:25] dskimmed2009: i did not understand ur last speech man
[12:25] dskimmed2009: what do u mean by that
[12:26] guest-6493 entered the room
[12:26] robertsicili: in the US we are hacked by many countries. The chinese are great hackers, Romanians too.
[12:27] robertsicili: I have heard of vietnamese hackers too but not as often.Ukraine have many good hackers
[12:27] dskimmed2009: oh yes man
[12:28] robertsicili: Yes. All hacking Americans or all over the world?
[12:28] dskimmed2009: All those countries i just mention they contain alot of fake and good hackers
[12:28] dskimmed2009: they hacked all over the world man
[12:28] dskimmed2009: not americans only ok
[12:29] robertsicili: do you have kids?
[12:29] dskimmed2009: they hacked all over the world man
[12:29] robertsicili: ok
[12:29] dskimmed2009: i have 2 kids and my personal wife
[12:29] robertsicili: me too!
[12:29] robertsicili: girls
[12:29] dskimmed2009: they hack EUROPE,UK,US,CANADA,ASIA,WESTERN PART OF AFRICA
[12:29] robertsicili: is hacking your full time job?
[12:29] dskimmed2009: A'm giving u guide lines man ok
[12:29] robertsicili: ok
[12:30] dskimmed2009: they are 1 boy and 1 girl man
[12:30] robertsicili: cool.
[12:30] dskimmed2009: they are all in schooling at datus international school at ghana tema
[12:30] robertsicili: very cool. they are well educated. do they like computers?
[12:31] dskimmed2009: oh infact it surprice me they really like about technologies
[12:31] robertsicili: my four year old playes games very well on a computer. its amazing
[12:32] dskimmed2009: they are all my sons and i can't praise them
[12:32] dskimmed2009: so someone will do that for me man
[12:33] dskimmed2009: this mordern kids surprice the most becoz they are all computer childrens
[12:33] robertsicili: do you accept egold or always western union?
[12:33] robertsicili: how do you get paid?
[12:33] guest-6800 entered the room
[12:33] guest-6800 changed nickname to johnbrazil
[12:34] robertsicili: these peolpe who enter drop right out. I dont understand how they get in. no big deal
[12:34] dskimmed2009: leave them man
[12:35] robertsicili: how do you get paid?
[12:35] dskimmed2009: they are sooo many ways of means to get money easy but they dont like it on that way
[12:35] robertsicili: give me examples please.
[12:35] dskimmed2009: examples of what?
[12:36] robertsicili: how you get paid
[12:36] robertsicili: what way do collect funds
[12:36] dskimmed2009: Through Western Union,Money Gramm,Liberty Resrve and Web Money
[12:37] robertsicili: How do I turn a fullz into money?
[12:38] dskimmed2009: u will just transfer the found(money) from it to make it western union online
[12:38] dskimmed2009: u can do onlne western union payment with fullz
[12:38] robertsicili: so a fullz is name, address and what else?
[12:38] dskimmed2009: u can also do western union online transaction money transfer with fullz
[12:39] robertsicili: define fullz
[12:39] dskimmed2009: u will just drop the money on it as mtcn numbers if u get to know more much about the
hacking softwares ok
[12:39] dskimmed2009: fullz contain , SSN : SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERDOB : DATE OF BIRTHDL :
[12:39] guest-7038 entered the room
[12:40] robertsicili: I now understad fullz, but how do I turn that data into money?
[12:40] dskimmed2009: i will teach u if u buy either the fullz or the software ok
[12:40] dskimmed2009: u will just process and operate the software thats all
[12:41] robertsicili: how much for the software?
[12:41] dskimmed2009: 700$
[12:41] robertsicili: damn!~
[12:42] dskimmed2009: Don't make noise
[12:42] dskimmed2009: i can reduce the price for u if u are ready at any time ok
[12:42] dskimmed2009: am not difficult hacker ok\
[12:42] robertsicili: Im interested in getting the software, but 700 is more than I can pay
[12:43] robertsicili: tell me all the featues of the software. what does it do?
[12:44] robertsicili: tell me all the features of the software. what does it do?
[12:46] dskimmed2009: within 15 mins that u will wait for it man ok
[12:47] robertsicili: i'll wait.
[12:48] robertsicili: when you get a chance send me samples of what I can get with the software. CVV2?
[12:49] dskimmed2009: all my software are containing security password and codes so i cant just give out like
that man
[12:49] dskimmed2009: unless u have make payment for it
[12:49] dskimmed2009: b4 i can give u man
[12:50] robertsicili: im confused. Software is a tool that does something. In your case it "hacks". What does it
[12:50] robertsicili: if im going to make an investment I need to understand what it does.
[12:51] dskimmed2009: it will hack the amount on the fullz as mtcn numbers for u to get out with the rest of the
infomations man
[12:51] robertsicili: what is mtcn
[12:52] dskimmed2009: Money Transfered Control Number
[12:52] robertsicili: sorry, dumb question.
[12:52] guest-7607 entered the room
[12:53] robertsicili: are you in Ghana?
[12:53] dskimmed2009: Yes right now am in ghana and i will go back to russian next three weeks coming
[12:54] robertsicili: how do you get logins?
[12:54] dskimmed2009: these are not logins
[12:54] dskimmed2009: they are dead samples of fullz us fullz
[12:54] dskimmed2009: with everything on it man
[12:54] robertsicili: you sell logins, how do you get them?
[12:55] dskimmed2009: bank logins ?
[12:55] robertsicili: is that what you sell?
[12:55] dskimmed2009: i have software to hack that from bank personal and company account's
[12:55] dskimmed2009: yes i sell bank logins too man
[12:56] dskimmed2009: I Do bank transfer,western union transfer and paypal verified account transfer toooo
[12:56] robertsicili: How do you get that data? I need to duck out for 10 minutes I'll be right back. stay around.
[12:57] dskimmed2009: were are u going man
[12:57] robertsicili: i have to put a baby seat in the can for my mom who is taking my daughter
[12:57] robertsicili: in the car
[12:58] dskimmed2009: okay man
[12:58] dskimmed2009: go and come back in the next 10 minutes time
[12:58] dskimmed2009: am still here waiting for u now ok
[12:59] guest-7987 entered the room
[12:59] guest-7987 changed nickname to xjewxfroxbro
[13:09] guest-8459 entered the room
[13:12] robertsicili: im back
[13:12] robertsicili: How do you get login data?
[13:14] dskimmed2009: i hack from online banking with software
[13:14] dskimmed2009: i have boa,rbc,wamu,wachovia
[13:14] dskimmed2009: icici,hsbc,abbey
[13:15] robertsicili: is this the software you are selling for 700?
[13:16] dskimmed2009: it is expensive more than that software am selling it for u for 700$
[13:16] dskimmed2009: this one it hack huge and big amount from the banks account man
[13:16] robertsicili: nice.
[13:17] dskimmed2009: butfor the one am selling it for u for 700$ is for the software for wu bug version 2010
with an activation code
[13:17] robertsicili: OK, now I understand. tell me what the wu bug cersion does exactly
[13:20] robertsicili: if i am to buy i need to understand what i am buying, how it works, what it does etc.
[13:22] dskimmed2009: confirmed and wait for 15 minutes for the mtcn numbers ok
[13:23] robertsicili: ok
[13:27] dskimmed2009: have u go for ur sons"?
[13:28] robertsicili: getting to old to go for a son, but maybe, mistakes happen!
[13:28] dskimmed2009: are u there Robert ?
[13:29] dskimmed2009: so apart from here dont u have any place that u chat
[13:30] dskimmed2009: Robert are u there
[13:30] dskimmed2009: why are u not talking to me again
[13:30] robertsicili: no. I just chat here. I was concerned about opening my IM to you because there are knwn
vulnerabilities in IM and I'm not ready to trust that your wouldnt hack that! No offense!
[13:31] dskimmed2009: u there
[13:33] robertsicili: yup
[13:33] robertsicili: are you not seeing this?
[13:33] dskimmed2009: i can see now
[13:34] robertsicili: OK. you asked If I chat elsewhere. I just chat here. I was concerned about opening my IM
to you because there are knwn vulnerabilities in IM and I'm not ready to trust that you wouldnt hack that!
[13:34] dskimmed2009: why are u busy
[13:34] robertsicili: Ive been here, I think the tinychat stopped working
[13:35] dskimmed2009: thats why am asking u dont have any other chatting process so that we can move to
there and do the business there
[13:35] dskimmed2009: becoz this business does not need all this kind of bad net work
[13:36] robertsicili: understood. but its working now
[13:36] dskimmed2009: its expires and crashes stuffs always when ur net work is bad
[13:36] robertsicili: Explain what software is best for getting log in data?
[13:37] dskimmed2009: u need banking software for bank login date?\
[13:38] robertsicili: if im to start a business of hacking data I want to know what to buy from you.
[13:38] dskimmed2009: yes man
[13:38] dskimmed2009: please give me ur western union infomations now ok
[13:38] dskimmed2009: with ur phone number
[13:39] robertsicili: and what will you do with my western union info?
[13:39] dskimmed2009: i want to send some money for u to cash it out and send it to me on my infos in ghana
man ok
[13:39] dskimmed2009: one of my business patner man
[13:39] dskimmed2009: he is online now am talking with him
[13:40] dskimmed2009: so i want to give him us infos to send the money
[13:40] dskimmed2009: through money gramm
[13:40] dskimmed2009: becoz right now all the banks is close
[13:40] dskimmed2009: here in ghana now
[13:41] robertsicili: why do you want to send me cash?
[13:41] dskimmed2009: i want him to send the money to us country so that u cash it out send it to me here in
ghana now man ok
[13:41] dskimmed2009: becoz right now all banks is close in ghana now ok
[13:44] robertsicili: OK so he sends me money and i send it back to you because the banks are closed?
[13:44] dskimmed2009: oh yes
[13:44] dskimmed2009: that is it my brother
[13:45] robertsicili: In the US we call that an "advanced fee" scam. At least thats what someone told me.
[13:46] dskimmed2009: okay then stop ok
[13:46] dskimmed2009: don't do it again ok
[13:46] dskimmed2009: we continue our business now
[13:47] robertsicili: I want to buy your software that hacks online banks. Tell me what it does and how much
money it will cost me.
[13:49] dskimmed2009: it cost 1300$ for online banking software to hack bank logins both personal and
company account
[13:51] robertsicili: tell me how it works, I want to undersyand the technology. Is it sql-injection, spyware?
Password hacks, Phishing?
CARD CODE ==========1000$
[13:55] robertsicili: Thank you. How does this work? NEW PAYPAL LOG IN HACKWARE
[13:57] guest-10687 entered the room
[13:57] guest-10687 changed nickname to watsonfo
[13:58] dskimmed2009: let;s say if it was be boa it will get all the infomations for the boa bank login for u with
its amount on it man
[13:58] guest-10752 entered the room
[14:01] robertsicili: ok, how? what is the point of access? On a person PC? explain to me how it works?
[14:02] dskimmed2009: on ur pc,u will do everything on ur pc ok
[14:04] robertsicili: I understand I do it on my PC. I want to understand how it works. If I am to spend moneys I
need to know how it actually hacks.
[14:04] robertsicili: What is the technology that hacks the data. How does it work?
[14:05] guest-11081 entered the room
[14:05] guest-11081 changed nickname to xjewxfroxbro
[14:05] guest-11129 entered the room
[14:05] guest-11129 changed nickname to guestasdasd
[14:06] dskimmed2009: i know man ok
[14:07] dskimmed2009: u will also download it as the western union bug works but for this one it contain
thousand's of lists of banks o
[14:08] dskimmed2009: 30minutes
[14:08] dskimmed2009: all the infomations on the bank will appear within 30 minutes time
[14:09] robertsicili: How does it log in data?
[14:10] dskimmed2009: it's fullz software version data so i will send it to u then u download it there ok
[14:10] dskimmed2009: after u download it,it will open with lists of banks
[14:11] dskimmed2009: then u choose one and wait for 30 minutes
[14:11] dskimmed2009: thats all
[14:11] dskimmed2009: simple man
[14:13] robertsicili: what is the 30 minutes wait all about? what happens in the 30 minutes?
[14:13] dskimmed2009: if u still dont understand let me know ok
[14:14] robertsicili: what is the 30 minutes wait all about? what happens in the 30 minutes?
[14:16] dskimmed2009: u see the bank u choose
[14:16] dskimmed2009: all the bank u choose,the infos of the bank will appear on it
[14:17] robertsicili: so you arent actuaqlly sell software that hacks, you are selling a list of fullz?
[14:17] dskimmed2009: with ssn,mmn and dl with full details
[14:17] dskimmed2009: it software after u download it then all the list of the banks will appear on it
[14:19] robertsicili: but the software doesnt actually do anything, it is a list?
[14:19] dskimmed2009: its will hack the bank u will choose
[14:20] robertsicili: how
[14:20] dskimmed2009: it will bring out all the bank infos u will decided to choose man
[14:22] robertsicili: explain to me me how it brings the infos and what the software hacks
[14:22] dskimmed2009: it will hack the bank u will choose on the list of the software processor
[14:23] dskimmed2009: then u will wait for 30 minutes for that bank u choose it's infomations
[14:23] dskimmed2009: every infomations that will appear within that 30 minutes if valid infomations
[14:25] dskimmed2009: It's not difficult to understand but if u understand i will be very happy man ok
[14:25] robertsicili: so the software is hacking the banks processor and getting consumer logins?
[14:28] dskimmed2009: it's like bank transfer
[14:28] dskimmed2009: have u heard of name bank transfer b4
[14:32] dskimmed2009: are u there
[14:33] guest-12696 entered the room
[14:33] dskimmed2009: Are you there
[14:35] guest-12790 entered the room
[14:35] dskimmed2009: are u there man
[14:35] dskimmed2009: why are u not talking again
[14:35] robertsicili: yes
[14:36] robertsicili: explain how th bank trnasfer works?
[14:36] dskimmed2009: a'm worry about how u dont understand man
[14:36] dskimmed2009: infact its pains me
[14:36] robertsicili: Im skilled in software but want to understand how it works. is it a sql injection?
[14:38] robertsicili: if I am to spend thousands of dollars I needd to know how the tech nology works. you are
selling hacking softeware but wont tell me how it works
[14:38] dskimmed2009: it will bring that bank u choose all its infomations will appear on it within that 30
minutes time man
[14:40] dskimmed2009: u see someone's bank account
[14:40] dskimmed2009: he is from usa
[14:40] dskimmed2009: his account was hacked by the software last weeks monday
[14:41] dskimmed2009: 38k was withdraw from it by one of my costumer who come to buy the software man
[14:43] robertsicili: ok
[14:43] dskimmed2009: u see ?
[14:44] robertsicili: soft of. I think there mayt be a language barrier here
[14:45] dskimmed2009: what do u mean by that man?
[14:45] robertsicili: so the software gives me access to the server and shows the banks customers accounts?
[14:45] robertsicili: then I can withdraw from the account and make a transfer?
[14:46] dskimmed2009: oh yes man
[14:46] dskimmed2009: that is it
[14:46] dskimmed2009: u can make the transfer ur self to ur account either company or personal account
[14:47] dskimmed2009: or u can send the bank details to the bank agent office near u to withdraw the money
from it ok
[14:48] dskimmed2009: no one will traced u becoz of the software accessibilities with the activation code to be
attached on it ok
[14:50] robertsicili: ok. how does it work with paypal?
[14:51] dskimmed2009: Paypal
[14:51] dskimmed2009: We have Verified and Non Verified Account
[14:51] dskimmed2009: just the id and the password
[14:51] dskimmed2009: we have ones with an empty balances and with ones with founds tooooo
[14:56] dskimmed2009: Paypal
[14:56] dskimmed2009: We have Verified and Non Verified Account
[14:56] dskimmed2009: just the id and the password
[14:58] dskimmed2009: Are you there ??
[14:58] robertsicili: yes
[14:59] robertsicili: do you sell software to hack the paypals?
[14:59] dskimmed2009: yes
[14:59] robertsicili: how does it work?
[15:00] dskimmed2009: for that one is not difficult man
[15:01] dskimmed2009: u will just put the id on it,it will show the password and the amount in the account
[15:01] dskimmed2009: then u transfer to ur bank account or ur paypal account or uur personal account or any
of ur company accout man
[15:02] dskimmed2009: that'sall
[15:02] robertsicili: serious? you have software that will show a paerswon user ID and their passwords and
whats in the account? How does it do that?
[15:02] dskimmed2009: yes
[15:03] dskimmed2009: u will just put the id only
[15:03] dskimmed2009: the software self will show the password and the amount on it
[15:03] dskimmed2009: infact i have sell this to 2 costumers only
[15:03] dskimmed2009: it's too cost but simple to operate
[15:05] robertsicili: This sounds to good to be real. How can you prove this works before i send you money?
[15:05] guest-14953 entered the room
[15:06] dskimmed2009: i dont have any thing to show man
[15:07] dskimmed2009: if u are ready u go to send money now so that i send u the software man
[15:07] dskimmed2009: becoz with the software u will make alot of money
[15:07] dskimmed2009: and am going to do long term business with u for ever man
[15:07] robertsicili: if what you say is true then the entire banking and paypal security is non existent.
[15:08] dskimmed2009: so u must to trust me and to be honest with me that alll
[15:08] robertsicili: dude, i find it hard to trust in this situation.
[15:09] dskimmed2009: ok
[15:09] dskimmed2009: any way thanks for contacting me ok
[15:09] dskimmed2009: bye
[15:10] guest-15260 entered the room
[15:10] guest-15260 changed nickname to guest4650
[15:10] robertsicili: hey man, you havent even sent me a sample of data
[15:11] dskimmed2009: i told u already that all the softwares contain security codes so i cant just give out like
[15:15] robertsicili: you sell paypal data, logins, fulllz, CVV2 etc, and you dont have a sample and you cant tell
me what the technology is behind your hack software.
[15:15] robertsicili: But you want to western union money to me so I can send it to you. Am I stupid or am i
missing something?
[15:17] dskimmed2009: why are u saying u are stupid to send me money
[15:18] robertsicili: Im saying that I must be stupid because i dont understand why I cant get more info about
the technology behind your hacks.
[15:18] dskimmed2009: u will get it very sooon man ok
[15:19] robertsicili: When?
[15:19] dskimmed2009: later i will come and visit u for the state so that i will teach u more how to hack ok
[15:20] robertsicili: youd get all kinds oif business from me if you could prove what you can do and what kind
of data you can access
[15:22] dskimmed2009: any time u will be reason to send the money for the software let me know ok
[15:23] dskimmed2009: becoz i can see that u have just waisted my time just like that man
[15:23] dskimmed2009: u let me talk much
[15:23] dskimmed2009: but after all u waisted time
[15:24] robertsicili: so your customers just give you money without any proof?
[15:26] guest-16583 entered the room
[15:26] guest-16583 changed nickname to legittre
[15:26] dskimmed2009: becoz in ghana here without secret question and answer u cant received money
[15:28] guest-16738 entered the room
[15:28] guest-16738 changed nickname to blaqdiva92
[15:29] robertsicili: here in US, without proof, we do not send money
[15:30] dskimmed2009: the money here man ok
[15:31] guest-16895 entered the room
[15:33] dskimmed2009: if u back to ur reasons and u ready for the payment let me know
[15:33] dskimmed2009: am leaving now
[15:34] dskimmed2009: thanks for contacting me
[15:34] dskimmed2009: bye

here - Robert Siciliano