Slope, Y-Intercept and the Equation of a Line
Answer all questions on a separate sheet of paper
1. For each graph, determine the rise and run between the points shown, then calculate
the slope.
2. Use the slope formula to find the slope between each pair of points.
3. Graph the relation in each table of values
4. For each graph from #3, calculate the slope from the graph and the first differences
from each table. What do you notice?
5. Identify the slope and y-intercept for each equation below.
6. Write the equation for each given slope and y-intercept.
7. Match each line on the graph with its equation listed below:
8. State whether each pair of lines are parallel or not.
9. State whether each line has a slope that is positive, negative, or zero. Then write an
equation that is parallel to each.

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