Mr./Rev. Tanimoto
Chapter 1: A Noiseless Flash
1. What happened at 8:15, August 6, 1945?
2. What kind of raid did most Hiroshima residents expect?
3. Who/What is "Mr. B"?
4. What kept Rev. Tanimoto up the night before the bombing?
5. Why did police recently question Mr. Tanimoto?
6. How many planes were detected by radar that morning?
7. What was the first thing noticed when the bomb went off?
8. What protected Mr. Tanimoto from the blast?
Chapter 5: The Aftermath
Rev. Kiyoshi Tanimoto
1. Where did anger of many hibakusha "modulate" toward?
2. What did Rev. Tanimoto realize he needed to build?
3. What did American occupation personnel do to supply depots?
4. Where was Rev. Tanimoto invited to raise money?
5. What did he decide to devote his life to during the voyage?
6. What role did the Reverend Mr. Green assume when Rev. Tanimoto moved in with
7. What did Rev. Tanimoto do as he "toured?"
8. Where was Rev. Tanimoto's memorandum published?
9. Specifically, what was being proposed in Rev. Tanimoto's memorandum?
10. What did the people of Hiroshima feel about Mr. Tanimoto's proposal when it was
11. What did the Japanese Diet revel on the 4th anniversary of the blast?
12. Where was Rev. Tanimoto at this time?
13. What petition was Norman Cousins promoting?
14. How much did Rev. Tanimoto raise for his church?
15. What happened when Rev. Tanimoto took the Cadillac for a spin?
16. What was the high point of Mr. Tanimoto's second tour?
17. What were the 12 Keloid girls called in the press?
18. Where did Norman Cousins suggest further surgery be done?
19. How many girls were chosen for plastic surgery?
20. What show did Mr. Tanimoto find himself featured on?
21. What sound effect played while Ralph Edwards introduced Rev. Tanimoto?
22. What guest shocked Rev. Tanimoto?
23. What words did Lewis write in his log?
24. How were the "maidens" shown to the TV audience?

Mr./Rev. Tanimoto