Austin Mann
A land that has variety, a land that has rich culture, and a land that has
great geography. This place u may ask? Well it takes you to South America. In a
land known as Argentina. Today I will tell you about the land, people and culture,
religion, and history of these people.
First I will tell you about there land. Its land mass is 2,736,690 sq. km. In
comparison they are just under three tenths of the United States size. They have a
coastline that last 4,989 km. The land itself ranges very much from mountains to
plains and dry to wet areas. For Argentina it has a temperate climate. It also has
arid in the southeast and sub artic in the southwest. In the north it is mainly a
subtropical climate
In Argentina there main religion is Roman Catholic as it is in most of South
America. The percents for these are Roman Catholic at 92%, protestant and Jewish
each at 2% and other is 4%. For roman catholic their main religion this was
influenced by the Spanish that came long ago. As are many other things in
Culture is “the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties
especially by education”- Webster’s dictionary. In Argentina there are many
different cultures because of the different land types. For entertainment in this
country they like to go to the theater and watch some of the films that have been
produced in their home country. For sports they like to watch and play football.
They won the gold medal for this in the 2004 soccer world cup. The people of
Argentina also like to eat, dance, and write.
Here there nationality is known as argentines. There are an estimated 41
million. The life expectancy for these 41 million is 77 years. 92% of Argentina is
urbanized. Also there people have a 97.2% literacy rate. Ethnic groups in Argentina
are mainly white at 97%, and other is 3%. These ethnic groups in Argentina speak
over 5 different languages. These people go to school for about an average of 15
years. These languages are Spanish (official language), Italian, German, English,
and French. There is a 1.053% rate of population growth in Argentina. Then most
of their population is in-between 15 and 64.
Then for the history of Argentina it is believed that the first inhabitants came
13,000 years ago. In the year 1816 what is today Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and
Argentina declared its independence from Spain. Here it was known as Rio Plata.
After all of them split up what was left was what we now know today Argentina. Up
the mid 20th century they were dominated by internal conflict. A coup was put in
place in the year 1943. In the year 1976 the military took power. Then 9 years later
democracy returned. Then in the year 2001-2002 protest forced several interim
presidents to resign. Today they are still recovering from the leaders that they have
had in the past.
I hope u have learned a lot after reading this report. Also about how these
people live from there life to what they do day to day.
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