I did, Schleiden.
Who concluded all plants are
made up of cells?
Who is the ability to increase how
large an object appears?
I am, magnification.
I am, microscope.
Who is an instrument that makes
small objects look larger?
Who contains chemicals that break
down food and worn-out cell parts?
I do, lysosome.
I did, Leeuwenhoek.
Who observed tiny, moving
Who uses a beam of electrons
instead of light to produce a
magnified image?
I do, electron microscope.
I do, chloroplast.
Who captures energy form sunlight Who is a membrane that surrounds
and uses it to produce food for the
the nucleus, materials pass in and
out of the nucleus through pores?
I am, nuclear membrane.
Who contains many cells, manycelled organism, cells organized
into tissues, organs, and organ
I do, specialized cells.
Who is the basic unit of structure
and function in living things?
I do, Golgi body.
I am, cell.
Who receives materials from the
endoplasmic reticulum and send
them to other parts of the cell?
I am, Cell Theory.
Who directs all of the cell’s
activities, including reproduction?
I am, cytoplasm.
What is: 1. All living things
composed of cells, 2. Cells are
basic units of structure and
function in living things, 3. All cells
are produced from other cells?
I do, nucleus.
Who is jellylike material outside
the cell nucleus in which many of
the organelles are located?
I did, Robert Hooke.
Who built their own microscope
including oil lamp for lighting, lens
focused light from the flame onto
the specimen?
Who is the ability to bring the
details into focus?
I am, resolution.
I do, mitochondria.
Who produces most of the cell’s
energy within these rod-shaped
Who contains genetic material,
gives instructions for directing the
cell’s function?
I do, chromatin.
Who is usually smaller than plant
or animal cells and does not
contain a nucleus?
I am, bacterial cell.
Who made the first compound
We did, Zacharias and Janssen.
Who functions as factories to
produce proteins, may attach to
endoplasmic reticulum or float in
the cytoplasm.
I did, Schwann.
Who is a network of passageways
that carry materials from one part
of cell to another?
I do, vacuole.
I do, ribosome.
Who concluded all animals are
made up of cells?
I am endoplasmic reticulum.
Who stores food, water, waste and
other materials?
I am, compound microscope.
Who is a microscope that uses
more than one lens and can
magnify an object more than one
lens by itself?
Who protects the cell and regulates
what substances enter and leave
the cell?
I do, cell membrane.
I did, Virchow.
Who proposed all new cells are
formed only from cells that already
Who has tiny structures in the cell
that carry out specific functions
within the cell.
I do, organelles.
Who is a group of similar cells that
work together to perform a specific
I am, tissue.
Who is a lens that is thicker in the
center than at the edges?
I am, convex.
I do, lenses.
Who in light microscopes magnify
an object by bending the light that
passes through them?
Who is a stiff wall that surrounds
the membrane, giving the cell a
rigid, boxlike shape?
I am, cell wall.
Who is an organelle within the
nucleus that is visible when cell is
not dividing and where ribosomes
are made?
I am, nucleolus.

Who is alternate form of a gene for a single trait, may be dominate or