Chapter 4 Section 4 Review Questions
1. Identify where sediments come from?
2. Explain how compaction is important
in the formation of coal?
3. Compare and contrast detrital and
chemical sedimentary rock.
4. List chemical sedimentary rocks that
are essential to your health or that are
used to make life more convenient. How
is each used?
5. Explain how pieces of granite and slate
could be both found in the same
conglomerate. How would the granite and
slate pieces be held together?
1. Weathered rock and mineral materials.
2. Compaction concentrates transformed
plant matter to form an important energy
3. Detrital rocks are made of weathered
rock; chemical rocks form as dissolved
4. Salt-preservation; seasoning, manufacture
of glass, paper, and soap
Limestone: material for buildings, roads, and
5. Granite and slate could be weathered in
separate locations. Then transported and
deposited in the same location. Mineral
elements would hold the grains together.