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Main Street Car Wash
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Description of Business:
Main Street Car Wash is an established business with an approximate age of 12 years.
Main Street Car Wash is located on approximately one acre of land (200’ X 200’) on
Main Street (Route 83) approximately ¾ of a mile (4 blocks) south of the intersection of
Route 173 and Main Street. More specifically, it is located on the southwest corner of
Ainsley and Main Street. The address is 1456 South Main Street, Antioch, Illinois.
We are the third owner and have been operating the business since March of 2003. We
have taken great pride in maintaining the equipment and promoting the business
throughout the community. In addition, we have continually upgraded the equipment and
operations at the car wash. A couple of the major upgrades consist of new Auto Cashiers
with credit card acceptors for the Automatic Bays and also a state of the art camera
system that is viewable remotely.
This is a complete turn-key operation. All equipment has been extremely well
maintained and is in excellent condition. You can begin making money your first day of
Products and Services:
Services provided at Main Street Car Wash consist of 4 self-service wash bays and two
touchless automatic bays. There is one self-service bay that is extra high and wide in
order for boats, campers, RV’s, and large trucks to be washed.
Services provided at the four self-service bays include:
• Pre-Soak
• White Wall / Engine Degreaser
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Foam Bubble Brush
High Pressure Soap
High Pressure Wax
High Pressure Rinse
Spot Free Final Rinse
Wash selections at the Automatic Bays include:
• Single Wash
• Single Wash with Wax
• Double Wash
• Deluxe Wash
In addition, there are three bays of two vacuum cleaners each. Two of the vacuum bays
also offer vending services that include Dry Foaming Carpet Shampoo and Spray Auto
Fragrance. There is an enclosed indoor vending area (approx. 58 sq. ft) that offers
additional vending services.
These services include:
• Glass Cleaner
• Sponge Applicator Armor All
• Jumbo Blue Shami
• Armor All Tire Foam
• Various Air Freshener Selections
• Coca Cola - Soda Machine
• Change Machine
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Main Street Car wash is located in a very positive location for visibility, high traffic
count, and consistent business. The average annual daily traffic count for the two lane
street averages approximately 13,000 vehicles per day. The location is very favorable
and will continue to promote the potential for increase customer usage. Some
observations pertaining directly to Main Street Car Wash are:
• Frequent weather changes positively impact volume. The weather in Antioch
experiences all four seasons and changes frequently. In addition, with heavy salt
applications on the roads during the winter, the car wash typically experiences a
15% - 20% increase in volume over warmer months.
• Ideal traffic speed should be 40 mph or less. The speed limit on Main Street
(Route 83) in front of Main Street Car Wash is 40MPH. The speed limit on
Ainsley Street is 25MPH.
• Easy access from all directions (curb cuts, entrances and exits). Customers have
easy access from all directions to the car wash from both Main Street and Ainsley
Street. A turn lane has been proposed by the State of Illinois for Main Street in
front of the car wash for the past four years. When this occurs, it will have a
positive impact on traffic flow to and from the car wash.
• Antioch is a growing community. Over the past four years the population has
grown from 8,800 to now over 13,000 people. In addition, the car wash is
located on Main Street (Route 83), which is a major through route to and from
• Growing Location. The location around the car wash continues to experience
development. To the north, directly across Ainsley Street, an oil lube has been
built which drives in more ‘car care’ potential business. To the south, a strip
mall has been completed and there is also a very popular restaurant in operation.
• Highly visible signage. Main Street Car Wash has a very large display sign
visible from approximately 200-300 yards in either direction while traveling on
Main Street. In addition, very large white letters against a green background on
the car wash add to visibility.
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Self-service bays: $2.00 to begin wash. The customers can choose from any of the
following services and then add quarters to continue wash.
• Pre-Soak
• White Wall Degreaser
• Foam Brush
• Wash Soap
• Wax
• Rinse
• Spot Free Final Rinse
The two touchless automatic bays are priced as follows:
• Single Wash - $6.00
• Single Wash with Wax $7.00
• Double Wash $8.00
• Deluxe Wash - $9.00
There are three bays of two vacuum cleaners each that are priced at $1.50.
Located at two of the vacuum bays are vending services that include Dry Foaming Carpet
Shampoo for $1.50 or Spray Auto Fragrance $.75.
There is an enclosed indoor vending area that offers additional services. These services
are priced as follows:
• Glass Cleaner: $.75
• Sponge Applicator Armor All: $1.00
• (2) Jumbo Blue Shami: $.75
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Armor All Tire Foam: $2.00
Air Freshener: $1.00
Coca Cola - Soda Machine: $.75
Additional Revenue Potential:
Overall, the current pricing scheme has been very profitable. The price for the
Automatic Bay wash selections were increased by $1.00 in February, 2007 with
no impact to the volume. Price increases should be considered for the self serve
bays and vending products in the near future, which were not included in the
February, 2007 price increase.
Tri-Color foam can be added to the Automatic Bays. With this addition you can
consider re-adjusting the current pricing scheme.
Credit Card Acceptors can be added to the Self Serve Bays. It is estimated that
you can increase your revenue in the self serve bays up to 30% in each bay if
credit card acceptors are provided.
An additional vending service such as an air machine can be added to the third
vacuum island.
Advertising – Antioch has experienced a large growth of population in the last
few years. A flyer to these specific areas may bring in more volume.
Increase fleet and VIP customers: Main Street Car Wash currently washes the
fleet cars James Hamlin CPA’s, The Village of Antioch, Temptrol Heating and
AC, and Antioch Auto Parts. We also have a number of VIP customers that pay a
set annual price for unlimited washes.
Main Street Car Wash has an extra large machine room that can accommodate an
additional machine and equipment for expansion which may include a third
Automatic Bay
The property directly east of the car wash has recently gone up for re-zoning from
residential to commercial. The development of this property will positively
increase traffic and exposure to the car wash
Business upgrades since ownership:
Automatic Bays:
 New front/rear gear boxes – 2010
 New left/right gear boxes – 2014
 New Rotate Gear Boxes (Auto #1 – 2014, Auto #2 – 2011)
 New guard rails Auto #1 – 2008
 New Signage 2011
 All blowers have been replaced in last four years
 Complete re-wiring Auto #1 2010, Auto #2 – 2007
 All pumps have been rebuilt within last two years
 New Pump drive motor Auto #2 – 2005
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New American Changer AC8001 Auto-Cashiers with Credit Card Acceptors –
All credit card acceptors upgraded to PCI Compliance in 2012
New Drive units – 2010
Other various contactors, breakers, hoses, etc… continually replaced throughout
Self Serve Bays:
 All pumps rebuilt in last four years
 New Self Serve Signs - 2011
 Self Serve #3 pump replaced 2010
 Wands, foam brush heads and handles, hoses, etc... replaced 2011 - 2012
 Bay walls chemically cleaned bi-annually
 Holding tanks pumped and drains cleaned annually
Building / Land:
 Office finished and furnished 2003
 New desk 2011
 Remote monitored security system (ADT) installed 2005
 Roof sealed 2010
 Fence stained 2012
 New landscaping in front of office - 2011
 New striping / arrows 2012
 Various areas of asphalt patched and re-paved throughout ownership
 Video Surveillance System upgraded in 2007 from 8 cameras to 12 cameras. This
video surveillance system is also viewable remotely.
 Hard drive upgraded in 2012 from 500GB to 1TB storage
 Additional air compressor 2008.
 Freeze prevention system for automatic bays upgraded from water to compressed
 Curb and gutter and new asphalt with an additional turn lane were added to Main
Street (Route 83) in 2009 – 2011. Even though this negatively impacted business
during the construction, business has continually increased since the construction
was completed.
 New bollard covers installed on all bollards 2012
Vending room and Vacuums
 New motors and brushes replaced on all vacuums – 2014
 New decals on all vacuums and fragrance machine – 2012
 Vacuum hoses and nozzles replaced annually
 New coin acceptors replaced on all vending machines
 Change machine bill acceptors cleaned bi-annually and software updated to
accept most current denominations
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Other Considerations:
The current owner can provide training on an as needed basis for repairs and phone
support at an agreed upon rate.
Equipment List:
1 Magic Wand Self Serve Mixing Tank with 4 Cat 310 pumps
2 Magic Wand Brushless Size-O-Matic Machines with 2 Cat 3535 Pumps, 6
Goulds / Berkeley or similar low pressure pumps, gauges and hoses
1 Weben Jarco Floor Heater which heats all self serve bay and automatic bay
1 Weben Jarco Stainless Steel Hot Water Heater
3 A.O. Smith Hot Water heaters for heating hoses and rails
2 AC8001 American Changer Auto Cashiers with Credit Card Acceptors and dual
quarter hoppers
DX 1000 Weep Mizer
1 Fragramatics Fragrance Machine
1 Fragramatics Shampoo Machine
6 Vending Dispensors
2 Puma 60 Gallon Air Compressors
3 Vacuum Islands with 2 Vacuums on each Island
6 Sonny’s 15 H.P Dryers
Office Desk and Storage Cabinet
Drinking Water Dispenser
Small Refrigerator, Microwave and Cabinet Stand
First Alert Security System
Locknetics Timer Security System
Hamilton Dual Bill Changer with dual Rear Hopper, Stackers, and Validators
Sentry Safe with Programmable Keypad
Reverse Osmosis System with 750 Gallon holding tank
Extra Large Water Softening System (Heumann) with Brine Tank and Charcoal
Dell Windows XP Computer System with Digi Capture Video Surveillance
12 Surveillance Cameras
Work bench and storage shelves
All Extra Parts, Manuals, Supplies, and Chemicals that exist at closing
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