Associate Clinical Nurse Manager - Renal
Clinical Services
Whangarei Hospital
Position Title:
Associate Clinical Nurse Manager - Renal
Organisation Unit:
Clinical Services
Whangarei Hospital, Northland District Health Board
Responsible to:
Clinical Nurse Manager - Whangarei
Primary Functions of
the Position:
The ACNM will support the Clinical Nurse Manager and will be
responsible for providing clinical co-ordination and direction to
the nursing team within the Renal Unit/s, Wards and other
Functional Relationships
The Associate Clinical Nurse Manager will develop and maintain excellent relationships with:
Renal Physicians
Nurse Manager - Renal
Service Managers- Acute Services
Patients / Family / Whanau
Designated Senior Nurses
Bureau Coordinator
Safety & Quality Facilitator
Duty Manager
Nursing Staff
Allied Health Professionals
Medical Staff
Maori Health Directorate
Director of Midwifery and Nursing
Clinical Director
Clinical Head of Department
Nursing Leadership Groups
Regional hospitals – BOI and KTA
Renal Units
Biomedical staff
Other DHB’s, wards and departments
Company representatives
Transport Providers
Primary Health Providers
Maori Health Providers
Key Responsibilities and Expected Outcomes
Northland District Health Board has established a set of values by which the organisation will
respond, in part, to achieving its goals and objectives through their workforce. The following
Values and supporting statements are expected behaviours of each individual employed with
Supporting Statement
People First
Tangata I te tuatahi
Whakaute (tuku mana)
Whakawhitiwhiti korero
Taumata teitei (hirangi)
People are central to all we do
We treat others as we would like to be treated
We nurture those around us, and treat all with dignity and
We communicate safely, openly and with respect to promote clear
Our attitude of excellence inspires success, competence,
confidence and innovation
The position of Associate Clinical Nurse Manager encompasses the following major functions
or key result areas:
To provide clinical expertise and direction to the Nursing Team to enable patient focused
care within a multi-disciplinary setting
To coordinate effectively and efficiently the provision of quality care which is professional
and patient focused to ensure quality patient outcomes
To effectively coordinate the day to day activities of the Renal unit/s
To provide clinical leadership and supervision of the nursing team
To facilitate the development of nursing skills and knowledge of the nursing team
Demonstrates a commitment to quality of Service Delivery
Treaty of Waitangi
Health and Safety
The outcome requirements of the above key responsibility areas are outlined below:
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
To provide clinical
expertise and direction
to the nursing team to
enable patient focused
care within a multidisciplinary setting
Contribute to and foster the use of evidenced based nursing
Liaise with the Clinical Nurse Manager and Nurse Educators
to ensure clear policies and protocols for standards of
practice and procedures exist and are regularly reviewed
and updated in accordance with NDHB policy.
Use advanced nursing knowledge and skills to ensure that
all nursing practice is safe, legal, effective and responsive to
the needs of the patients and their significant others.
Provide clinical expertise to the nursing team, including
troubleshooting across all Renal units. This is to include
providing telephone support and direction to satellite staff
and peritoneal dialysis staff when rostered to work on
Saturdays or statutory holidays.
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
To co-ordinate
effectively and
efficiently the provision
of quality care which is
professional and
patient focused to
ensure quality patient
To effectively coordinate the day to day
activities of the Renal
Unit/s and staff &
facilitate patient flow
between inpatient and
outpatient services.
In liaison with CNM provide support and guidance to
Peritoneal dialysis unit staff.
Promote effective teamwork, building collaborative
relationships within the multi-disciplinary team.
Act as an advocate for conveying patient and family needs
and responses to treatment to the rest of the multidisciplinary team.
Ensure that documentation is clear and meets the standard
in accordance with Northland District Health Board Nursing
and documentation policies.
Practice and promote a quality patient focused approach to
nursing care.
Act as a liaison with families / caregivers/ whanau as
Haemodialysis patient allocation and roster is coordinated in
liaison with CNM.
Staff roster is coordinated in liaison with CNM. This should
incorporate management of short notice roster changes due
to annual, bereavement and sick leave.
Perform / document Nursing handover (Haemodialysis and
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit).
Coordinate internal admission and satellite patient transfer
process in liaison with Clinical Nurse Manager/s and Bureau
In liaison with CNM and CNS Renal Access, coordinate
planned and acute patient admission to tertiary services e.g
ADHB for procedures such as vascular access surgery,
interventional radiology, cardiac and other vascular
Ensure essential admission/inpatient information influencing
patient care is documented and discussed with the relevant
sub speciality staff including Dietitan/s, Social Worker/s,
Clerical staff, CNM’s BOI and KTA Renal Units.
Participate in discharge planning of Renal inpatients and
ensure information relevant to the patients ongoing plan of
care is discussed and documented into Renal outpatient file
(green notes e.g. medication reconciliation on discharge).
Participate in weekly MDT meetings and ward rounds with
Renal Physician/s.
Ensure staff enter shift handover information into TrendCare
that clearly identifies patient clinical risk and appropriate
plans to mitigate those risks.
Ensure that TrendCare use is in line with TrendCare
business rules including achieving actualization and
prediction rates of 95 – 100% in a timely manner where
Co-ordinate and use resources time, equipment and staff
Assist with CVC line insertions and removals.
In liaison with CNM co-ordinate patient transport schedules
and rosters to ensure cost efficiencies.
In consultation with Clinical Nurse Manager and Nurse
Educators, facilitate orientation and preceptorship for all new
team members.
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
To provide clinical
leadership and
supervision of the
nursing team
Provide leadership and guidance to nursing staff who are
actively participating in ongoing professional development.
Accept delegated authority from Clinical Nurse Manager
Demonstrate leadership skills, acting as a resource for
students and team members and all other staff within the
Delegate appropriately to staff to provide supervision and
leadership when necessary.
Demonstrate accountability for directing, monitoring and
evaluating nursing care that is provided by Enrolled Nurses
and Health Care Assistants.
Make appropriate decisions when allocating care, delegating
activities and providing direction to Enrolled Nurses and
Health Care Assistants.
Comply with Nursing Council NZ and organizational policies
when making decisions regarding delegation and direction of
care/activities to Enrolled Nurses & Health Care Assistants.
Role model positive and professional behaviour in all
Identify issues of ethical concern and assist staff in
addressing these.
Provide constructive feedback to staff ensuring that
professional nursing practice is of a consistently high
Promote and actively participate in team development to
ensure a cohesive, positive and professional working
In liaison with the Clinical Nurse Manager or Nurse Manager
actively participate in recruitment processes and
appraisals. ACNM is to complete all 3 monthly PA for new
nursing staff.
Liaise with Clinical Nurse Manager regarding performance
concerns of individual staff members to plan appropriate
performance management.
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
Demonstrate a
commitment to quality
of service delivery
Treaty of Waitangi
Develop and foster an environment of continuous quality
improvement by demonstrating commitment to quality
improvement, risk management and resource utilization.
Participate in audits/reviews of nursing practice and
procedures, and show a commitment to the Accreditation
and Certification process.
Participate in quality initiatives in liaison with Safety and
Quality Facilitator and Clinical Nurse Manager and Nurse
Ensure that all concerns, complaints and issues are referred
to Clinical Nurse Manager and where appropriate to support
agencies i.e. Health advocate, Maori Directorate.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of evidence based
nursing practice.
Identify training and ongoing development opportunities for
staff in liaison with the Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse
Actively lead and/or participate in policy
development/special projects/committees as directed by
Clinical Nurse Manager.
Actively support Renal link nurses i.e. (restraint, health and
safety, manual handling, infection control, diabetes link).
Participate in senior nurse groups as appropriate in liaison
with Clinical Nurse Manager.
Demonstrate knowledge of legislation and actively source
data when needed, i.e. Privacy Act, Nurses Act, and New
Zealand Nursing Council.
Contribute to the promotion of the principles of Treaty of
Waitangi and the involvement if Maori within the decision
making process for their health and independence, within
District Health Board management processes and
Include the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi within all
aspects of the role and its outcomes
Ensure that consultation and engagement processes include
appropriate mechanisms to meet the need of Maori in a
culturally appropriate and safe manner
Attend the Northland District Health Board Treaty of
Waitangi Training
Key Responsibility Area
Expected Outcomes
Health & Safety
Ensure compliance with designated responsibilities detailed
in Northland District Health Board’s Health and Safety Policy
and annual objectives
Promote an environment of physical, occupational, cultural,
ethical and legal safety
Participate in the organisation’s Health and Safety
Management training programme.
Observe and promote safe work practices, rules and
instructions relating to work, and be pro-active in hazard
Willingly co-operate in the achievement of all health and
safety goals and initiatives by:
 Practicing and observing safe work methods;
 The use of safety equipment;
 Reporting unsafe conditions or equipment; and
 Reporting and documenting all accidents or incidents
Variation of Duties
Duties and responsibilities described above should not be construed as a complete and
exhaustive list as it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of the
position. Duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time, in consultation with
the employee, to meet any changing conditions and service requirements.
Person Specification
Education and Qualifications
 New Zealand Registered Nurse
 Current practicing certificate
 PDRP – minimum Proficient Level
 Computer literacy
 Post Graduate certificate / diploma or
working towards
 PDRP at Expert Level
 Minimum 3 years recent experience in
Renal (Haemodialysis).
 The ability to work independently and be
a member of a team
Awareness and Understanding of
 The Treaty of Waitangi and its application
to the health setting
 Privacy Act (1993) and Health
Information Privacy Code (1994)
 Health and Safety in Employment Act
 Knowledge of quality improvement
 Knowledge of current issues within
nursing and in Renal as a specialty
 Management / leadership skills
 Demonstrated excellence in a leadership
 Peritoneal dialysis nursing experience
 Health and Disability Commissioner
(Code of Health and Disability Services
Consumers’ Rights) Regulations (1996)
 New Zealand Council of Healthcare
Skills & Personal Attributes
 Ability to develop productive and positive relationships
 Ability to lead and facilitate change
 Communicates expectations & agreed goals, provides ongoing feedback & objectively
evaluates performance
 Communicates effectively, listening and encouraging the viewpoints of others
 Applies sound reasoning in problem solving / decision making
 Ability to adapt and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various
individuals and groups.
 Confident and competent with decision making
 Good time management skills
Personal Attributes
A strong patient/client focus
Excellent communication skills
Ability to work in an environment which is unpredictable and ever changing
Positive flexible collaborative approach
Role models professionalism
Ability to problem-solve and critically evaluate pros and cons of alternative solutions
Performance Development Review
An initial review of performance will be conducted after three months, with an annual review
An individual Development Plan will be developed to reflect the contribution this position is
expected to make towards achieving the team’s objectives and measures. Key result areas
will be developed and agreed at this time.
Authorised by:
Acceptance of the position implies acceptance of this position description.
Position Title:
Signature of employee:

To provide clinical leadership and supervision of the nursing