Lab #5 – Green Chemistry Analysis of a Mixture
Objective: Determine the relative amounts of a metal carbonate and metal
bicarbonate in a mixture of the two solids in terms of their mass percent in the
overall mixture.
Background: You must choose the mixture in which the atom economy for the
reaction is greater. Your choices are a mixture of potassium carbonate/potassium
bicarbonate or a mixture of sodium carbonate/sodium bicarbonate.
Upon heating the mixture gently, the bicarbonate will decompose into the metal
carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide. The metal carbonate in the mixture will not
decompose when heated gently. It is the decomposition reaction of the bicarbonate
that you will use to determine the atom economy of each reaction.
Caution: The reactions are not likely to go to completion. Therefore, to get an
accurate assessment of the amounts in the original mixture, you will need to
determine the percent yield of the decomposition reaction. The same percent of
your bicarbonate should decompose when it is part of a mixture as when it is pure.
Lab report: Be sure that your lab report includes a title and date, an objective, a
procedure/raw data, an analysis/calculations, and a conclusion section. The report
can be submitted electronically, or written in your lab notebook and handed in.

Lab #5 – Green Chemistry Analysis of a Mixture

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