Activity: Up, Up, and Away! Part II
Write the answers beside each of the questions below and do what it says to do
on your scale drawing.
1. Label the five layers of the atmosphere.
2. Write the constant temperature in the stratosphere.
3. Put a star in the layer where weather occurs.
4. Put an X in the coldest zone.
5. Put XX in the layer where satellites orbit the earth.
6. Using dots, shade in the ozone layer in the stratosphere.
7. Write in each layer the height at which it begins and ends.
8. In the Mesophere, write how it protects the earth.
Using the information and symbols given, put the following on your
diagram at the correct altitudes.
1. Lightly color each layer a different color.
2. A ship at sea - 0 km
3. Tiros weather satellite - 600 km
4. Manned Balloon - 6 km
5. Jet plane - 11 km
6. Mt. Everest - 9 km
7. Nonpressurized plane - 4 km
8. Auroras (Northern Lights) - 350 km
9. Flock of Geese - 6.4 km
10. Gemini Spacecraft - 300 km
11. Altostratus clouds - 1.4 km
12. Cirrus clouds - 10 km
13. Weather rocket - 150 km
14. Meteors - 80 km
Activity: Up, Up, and Away! Part I
To create a semi-scale drawing of the atmosphere
One legal-size sheet of plain white paper, pencil, ruler, map colors or
markers, etc.
You may or may not want to give the answers where blanks have
been inserted. You can find the answers below.
1. Neatly fold the paper in half the short way.
2. Turn paper long ways in front of you.
3. The scale for this diagram has been pre-determined to be 1
millimeter = 1 kilometer.
4. Measure one centimeter from the bottom and from both sides of
the paper. Place a dot at each junction.
5. Use the ruler to draw a line between the dots and to the sides of
the paper and parallel with the bottom. Label this space earth.
6. From the line just drawn, measure 12 mm and put a dot on both
sides of the paper. Using the ruler, draw a line parallel to the
previous line. Label this area the troposphere.
7. Repeat step 5 for the stratosphere and the mesosphere (next two
layers) remembering to use the scale 1 mm = 1 km.
8. By now you should almost be to the halfway mark of the paper.
From this point, it is impossible to draw the remaining layer
or sublayers _______________________and
_______________________ to scale.
9. From the top on both sides of the paper, measure __________ from
the top of the paper. Using the ruler draw a line between the dots
parallel to the top of the paper. This line is for you to write the title
of this drawing.
10. Divide the remaining paper in half. Label the top section
_________________________ and the bottom section
________________________. Put arrows pointing upwards in the
___________________ to indicate that this layer continues beyond
the paper.
11. Follow ALL the directions on Part II
1. none
2. none
3. 1 millimeter=1 kilometer
4. none
5. none
6. 12 km (ave. height of troposphere) X 1 mm=12 mm, troposphere
7. stratosphere, mesosphere, 1 mm=1 km
8. thermosphere, ionosphere, exosphere
9. 2 cm
10. exosphere, ionosphere, exosphere
11. none