Intensive field course in Estonian/Latvian case study localities, May 3-16
Focus topic: Second house people involvement in local
community and political life?
Arrival in Talllinn
Accommodation at Gothard Residence, Pikk 66.
9:00 Mr Priidu Ristkok, Dep. of Regional Development, Ministry of Interior, Pikk 61.
NB! Bring your passport or ID card!
10:30 Mrs Anneli Kimmel. Local Initiatives and Living Environment, Ministry of
Agriculture, Lai 39/41.
12:00 Lunch at Härraste Kohvik (Lai 39/41) up stairs.
Pick up at Rannavärava gate (behind Fat Margareta).
May 4 Mon
14:00 Mr Annes Naan, Mayor, and/or Mrs Anneli Kivisaar, development officer
Most second housing “normal” municipality in Estonia – Vihula, municipal hall in Võsu.
governmental 15:30 Käsmu – captains village – probably the richest second housing place. Käsmu
Maritime museum
Ca 17:00 Palmse manor – Lahemaa national park centre /??/
municipalities 18.00 Dinner at Viitna/Palmse Tavern
On the way (if folks are not sleeping): climbing to Emumägi, visiting shortly Socialist
town which has no church – Jõgeva
Ca 20:00 Accommodation at Pepleri Hostel, Pepleri 14, Tartu
OMICUM Riia 23 - auditorium 116
9.00 Dr Ilkka Pyy "What is Peripheralisation and what makes peripheries different? The
long lasting story of NordPlus courses…”
9.45 Dr Garri Raagmaa “Course introduction. Main terms and concepts.”
10.30 Short break (no coffee)
10.45 Prof Zaiga Krišjâne “Urbanization and suburbanization in the Baltic States. How far
and how often people commute?”
May 5 Tue
11.45 Prof Arild Holt-Jensen „Transformation from state socialism to market economy;
effects on agricultural production and rural landscapes in Estonia and Latvia.“
12:30 Lunch at Kotka kelder
Department of Geography. Vanemuise 46 - auditorium 246
14:00 Prof Rein Ahas “Detecting second house people from the mobile phone database.”
14:30 Prof Irma Potočnik Slavič „Visible minorities in the case of second home owners in
15:30 Break
16:00 Students presentations by countries - à 15 min + questions & comments
Estonian and Latvians presenting also case study places.
19:00 Dinner at Gunpowder cellar – at everyone’s own expense
Lossi 28, Tartu
May 6 Wed
Department of Geography, Vanemuise 46 - auditorium 246
Lectures &
9:00 Filling group work team preferences form.
Groupworks 9:10 Ilkka Pyy “Local governance regime in rural areas: from parochial growth machine
to assemblages of sustainability?”
May 3 Sun
May 7 Thu
May 8 Fri
May 9 Sat
9:50 Thorbjörg K. Kjartansdóttir „Theories of place making and local development
10:30 Break
11:00 Case study groups established. Group work. Choosing theories and designing
research questions.
12:00 Groups presentations à 5 min + questions and comments.
12:30 Lunch at Kotka kelder
13:30 Dr Kadri Leetmaa "How to carry out a qualitative research project/a case study?
What methods are appropriate?"
14:40 Students group work. Setting up a methodological framework.
15:00 Break
15:30 Prof Arild Holt-Jensen
A. "How to design an interview guide and make arrangements for interviews?"
B. “Making maps of second homes and their use in rural settlements.”
16:00 Students group work. Designing a research plan.
17:00 Break
17:15 Field work technicalities. Fieldwork destination contacts. Car rentals.
18:00 Research plan presentations à 10 min + questions and comments.
19:00 Group work night (no arranged dinner)
8:00 Excursion
9:15 Mr Margus Lepik, Governor, Valga County Government, Kesk 12.
“View to recreational housing”,
12:00 Dana Spulle, Head of TIC, Sigulda Municipal Government, Ausekļa iela 6,
“Suburban or recreational destination?”
13:00 Lunch in Sigulda at Zaļumnieku piestātne, Pils iela 9
15.45 Ms. Baiba Zukula Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, Deputy director of the
Social Statistics Department. Lāčplēša iela 1. Statistical data: methodology of spatial and
populations data collections
16.45 Visit Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Latvia, Alberta iela 10
18:00 Accommodation at Days Hotel, Brīvības gatve 199c, Riga
19:00 Dinner at Ala, Peldu 19.
8:15 Departure to Carnikava
9.00 Mr Edgars Pudzis, Head of Developement and Planning Department, Carnikava
Culture Centre, Jūras iela 1a, “Second house people involvement in local community life”
10:30 Guided tour in Saulkrasti to "Baltā kāpa" and recreational housing area by Anda
12:30 Lunch in Saulkrasti at 10 balles, Ainažu iela 9
14:30 Vineta Krūze, Spatial planner, Salacgrīva Youth Center, Sila iela 2
16:00 Landing in Estonian side – tour to recreational housing areas guided by Mrs Merle
Accommodation at Lepanina Hotel,
Dinner at Lepanina
19:00 Evening lecture by Toomas Abel, Deputy Mayor of Häädemeeste Municipality
9:00 Departure to Pärnu – Estonian Summer Capital
10:00 Lectures at Pärnu College, Ringi 35 – auditorium 206
Mrs Mercedes Merimaa – “Leader actions in Pärnu Bay coastal areas. How to involve
temporary citizens.”
Mr Tiit Kask (MSc) “Theorization of recreational destinations. What roles play parttimers in tourism area life cycles and sustainable development?”
11:30 Lunch at Pärnu college
12.30 Walking in Pärnu beach area – dominated by recreational villas
14:00 Departure - front of the Beach Hotel, Ranna pst 5, Pärnu
15:00 Andres Rõigas (MSc) Former Mayor of Halliste municipality - Halliste cultural hall
Accommodation at Pepleri Hostel, Pepleri 14
May 10 Sun
Day off
May 11 Mon
May 12 Tue
May 13 Wed
You might be willing to leave Sat evening or Sun to fieldwork areas or joining your local hosts.
In that case pls inform Gettel for rearrangement of car rentals, cancel your Pepleri hostel
accommodation and arrange new accommodation by own.
Accommodation at Pepleri Hostel, Pepleri 14
8:45 Car rentals
Case areas:
Estonia: Noarootsi, Halliste, Häädemeeste
Latvia: Vecpiebalga, Kocēni, Ape
Accommodation at the fieldwork destination
Accommodation at the fieldwork destination
Accommodation at Pepleri Hostel, Pepleri 14
Vanemuise 46 – auditorium 327
Writing reports, preparing presentations, training for presentations.
9:00 Fieldwork short feedback by groups
10:00 Dr Ilkka Pyy "How to prepare a good quality report?" (optional)
Teachers available for consultations
12:00 Lunch at Kotka kelder
14:00 Dr Garri Raagmaa "How to deliver a presentation in 15 minutes?" (optional)
Teachers available for consultations
May 14 Thu 17:00 Departure to most popular winter recreational housing destination Otepää,
Winter Capital - front of Pepleri 14
Accommodation at Kääriku Hotel,
Dinner at Kääriku canteen
20:00 Estonian second house weekend evening at Kekkonen sauna
10:00 Deadline for the written reports
Preparing presentations
12:00 Lunch at Kääriku canteen
May 15 Fri
14:00 Presentations
20:00 Farewell dinner at Karupesa restaurant, Tehvandi 1A, Otepää,
Presentations Night life in Otepää
Accommodation at Kääriku Hotel
May 16 Sat
Bus to Riga
Bus to Tallinn
Latvia: Baiba +37122175169 <[email protected]> & Zaiga [email protected]
Estonia: Gettel +372 53 818 453 [email protected] & Garri [email protected] +372 52 78899

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