Activity Sheet 4
Metamorphic Rock
Modeling Deformation during Metamorphism: Complete Part A on p. U24
a) How does the shape of the circle change when you deform the stack?
b) How does the vertical line change when you deform the stack? The horizontal
c) What do you think would happen to a rock if it is sheared in the same way as
the ream of paper?
The forces that cause metamorphosis are _________ and _________________.
As you go deeper into the earth, heat and pressure _______________________.
If metamorphic rock melts, it becomes _________________________.
__________________ metamorphism can happen when a region of rock is
pushed deep into the earth.
Contact metamorphism happens when rock comes in contact with ___________.
Foliation: ________________________________________________________
Metamorphic Rock Identification:
Rock Name
Conclusion: What did you learn today?