Deadliest Earthquakes: NOVA
Name____________________________ Hour_________
How many people died as the result of the Haitian earthquake? _________________________________________________
What are benchmarks used for? __________________________________________________________________________
Locations north of Port-au-Prince are moving __________ and locations south of Port-au-Prince are moving ____________.
How far did certain benchmarks move during the earthquake? _________________________________________________
What is plate tectonics? ________________________________________________________________________________
What moves the plates? ________________________________________________________________________________
Why don’t the plates move gradually? _____________________________________________________________________
(stop video) Describe the tectonic boundary near Haiti. _______________________________________________________
When was the last earthquake on that fault? ________________________________________________________________
10. Can seismologists place a date on an earthquake prediction? ___________________________________________________
11. In what state is the San Andreas Fault located?_______________________________________________________________
12. Which fault is moving faster (San Andreas or Haiti)? __________________________________________________________
13. When was the last San Andreas earthquake? ________________________________________________________________
14. Weeks after Haiti, where did another earthquake occur? ______________________________________________________
15. What was the magnitude of that earthquake? _______________________________________________________________
16. What happened to earth rotation due to this earthquake? _____________________________________________________
17. (Pause video) Describe the tectonic boundary near Chile? _____________________________________________________
18. What can occur due to earthquakes along these plate boundaries? ______________________________________________
19. How high was the tsunami in Chile? _______________________________________________________________________
20. The earthquakes along the Cascadia fault generated __________________________________________ deep in the ocean.
21. Based upon their data, what is the chance of a huge earthquake here? ___________________________________________
22. What is happening to the stadium at University of California-Berkley? ____________________________________________
23. (pause video) How do earthquakes send out their own warning signals? __________________________________________
24. What can be done to prevent death in earthquakes? __________________________________________________________
25. What is the best way to survive an earthquake? _____________________________________________________________

NOVA: Deadliest Earthquake worksheet

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