Laparoscopic Gastric Banding
Description of Surgery:
 Gastric banding involves placement of an
inflatable band around the upper stomach.
 The band divides the stomach into two
portions; one small portion above the
band, and one larger portion below the
 The band is connected to a reservoir that is
placed beneath the skin during surgery.
 This reservoir allows the band to be
increased or decreased by injecting or
removing saline.
 Increasing the amount of saline in the
band will create a smaller opening for food
to pass through from the upper portion of
the stomach to the lower portion.
 The band promotes weight loss by limiting
the amount of food that can be eaten at
one time, and will result in a feeling of
 The fact that the band can be adjusted is a unique feature of this particular
Things to Think About:
Only small portions of food can be consumed at one time.
Lower major complication rate/mortality rate, compared to gastric bypass.
Higher minor complication rate, compared to gastric bypass.
The band is adjustable and removable and does not alter anatomy.
You may need to make more frequent visits to the clinic for adjustments.
 Slower weight loss
 Similar results to gastric bypass over long-term

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding (LapBand) Description of Surgery