Pakistan Welfare Society Earthquake 2015 Relief Assistance Report of
District Shangla
Written By :Shaoor Iqbal Team Leader,Pharmacist &Manager Pakistan Kidney Centre Abbottabad
Team Members : 1. Shahzad Ahmad Khan Assistant Account and Procurement Officer
2. Asif Zar Helper Pakistan Kidney Centre Abbottabad
Reviewed By: Brig(R) Dr.Khalid Hussain Associate Director Medical Services Pakistan Kidney
Centre Abbottabad
Dated : 12 November 2015 ,Email:[email protected], Landline #:0992-402220
Introduction of Pakistan Kidney Centre Abbottabad
Pakistan Kidney Centre (PKC) Hospital Muslimabad Abbottabad is a Project of Pakistan Welfare
Society (PWS) Trust. The Foundation Stone was laid by Mohsin-e-Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer
Khan in December 2012, and its Renal Dialysis Centre / Out-Patients Department were
inaugurated by the Honorable Governor KPK, Mahtab Ahmed Khan along with
Dr.Mehrtaj Roghani, Special Advisor to CM, KPK Social Welfare Department.
The aim of this Hospital is to provide Free Renal Consultations, Renal Dialysis, and
Urological Surgeries & Procedures for the poor & deserving patients. During 1 st phase the
treatment facilities will be focused mainly on Kidney Out-Door Consultations and Renal Dialysis,
whereas after about 2 years or so, facilities will include In-Patients Hemodialysis, Peritoneal
Dialysis, Urological Surgeries, Lithotripsy and Advanced Diagnostic Services.
At present we have been provided more than 70% free dialysis services of the 03
districts (Abbottabad, Haripur & Mansehra) of Hazara Division.We have 12 dialysis machines
with standard operating procedures (SOPs).We have provided nephrologist’s consultation on
weekly basis and recently started Medical & General OPD from 8am to 8pm daily with nominal
fee structure for general patients.PKC have a pathological laboratory, X-Ray/Ultrasound,
Emergency room with latest equipment, Pharmacy etc. The dialysis patient can get treatment
on Zakat, Half and Full category according to their Affordability and Vulnerability. A set criteria
is defined for assessment of category through relevant District Zakat Offices, Notable Person
recommendations, NADRA Form B, Utility bills and Socio Economic Conditions. PKC’s 90% of the
finances are supported by Charity Donations from Pakistani individuals in KSA.
Executive Summary of the Earthquake Relief Assistance of District Shangla
The Northern and West hilly belt of Pakistan severely hit by Earthquake of 26 October
2015.The Pakistan Welfare Society(Trust)) Jeddah have initiated funds for the Earthquake
affectees in District Shangla Province Khyber Pukhtoon Kwa of Pakistan.The area was selected
by the team due to accessibility and nearby Hazara Division.The team was advised to visited the
most affected areas of the District and subsequently decided to plan relief assistance by the
close coordination PKC/PWS management.The team have contacted the local philanthropist
and members of Community Based Organizations(CBOs) in Tehsil Alpuri of District Shangla.The
team have decided to start from the top hilly areas because of the visible heavy destruction and
Losses of Houses,Iivestocks & Infrastructures etc.
Total 100 families of the 04 Villages have been assessed and supported in term of Cash
@Rate of Rs 5000/Family.Because team have limited time and resources.
Resources Required in Short and Long term Planning
A) Immediate Needs
1.Food Commodities 2.Healthcare of the children and aged persons 3.Utensils 5,Bedding and
Blankets 6.Winter Kit 7.Hygiene Kits 8.Warm clothes 9.Tent
B) Long Term Needs
Shelter Earthquake resistant Houses 2.Reconstruction of houses in accordance with ERRA
Construct ion Code 3.Reconstruction of Community infrastructure like Water Supply
Scheme,Hujra,Mosque,Street Pavements and Drainage, Rehabilitation of Income Resources like
Livestocks,Poultry,Shops,Craft and Tailoring etc.
Total 115 families have been assessed in 04 Villages.Total 100 Families have been supported @
rate of Ruppees 5000(Five Thousands).Total amount disbursed is Ruppees 500,000(Five
hundrends Thousands).The donors can verify and validate affectees through their Cell
Numbers in annexures of the Report.
Acknowledgement for the Donors,Philthropist contributed to Pakistan Welfare
Society Jeddah
Pakistan Kidney Centre (PKC) truly values your humanity and gracious contribution for
its noble cause. We really appreciate your zeal, commitments, genuine concerns and
particularly for generating funds for the Earthquake October 2015 Affectees of District Shangla.
I, on behalf of Board of Management & Team of the PKC highly rise your this gesture
and pay a lot of obligations for your valuable efforts in promoting and creating contributions for
the Natural Disaster affectees of Pakistan.
We also expect from overseas notable persons including , NGOs/INGOs, Chamber of
Commerce & other Philanthropists are invited and motivate for further donations and
contributions in any form towards the cause humanity.
May Allah Bless you and reward all those who has taken any step for the betterment of
Earthquake affectees October 2015 of Pakistan.
Profile of District Shangla
Shangla District (Urdu: ‫ ) شان گ له ض لع‬is located in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province
of Pakistan. The district headquarters are located at Alpuri. It was previously a subdivision
of Swat District, but was upgraded to the status of a district on July 10, 1995 by the then Chief
Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao. The total area of the district is 1,586 square kilometres. Shangla
comprises two sub division, Alpuri and Puran Tehsil. There are four (4)
sub tehsils i.e. Besham, Chakesar, Martung and Makhuzai. Shangla has the lowest Human
Development Index in the province and second lowest in the country.
The district is bounded in the north by Kohistan District, in the east by Battagram District and the
newly notified District of Kala Dhaka(Black Mountain of Hazara), in the west by Swat District and
in the south by Buner District.
There are relics of the ancient Greek period at Pirsar, Chakesar and Daut. it is believed
that Alexander the Great camped at Pirsar for a few days. There are also relics of the Hindu
Shahi in Qlandar-Ajmair.
Map of Shangla district
The communications with Swat are Shangla pass (Shangla top).
Shangla district consists of small valleys, and is situated between the hillocks and surrounded
by high mountains full of forests comprising Pindrow Fir, Morinda Spruce, Blue Pine (Kail), Chir
Pine and Deodar Cedar trees. The average elevation of the district is 2000 to 3000 meters
above sea level. The highest point (3,440 m) is near Kuz Ganrshal in the north of the district.
Administrative divisions
Under the devolved local government system Shangla is divided into two Sub-Divisions/Tehsils
Alpuri Lilownai
Puran Tehsil
and four (4) Sub-Tehsils, namely
There are 28 Union Councils. Alpuri Tehsil (Sub division) consists of 19 Union Councils
and Puran Tehsil (Sub-division) consists of 9 Union Councils.
According to the 1998 census, the district had a population of 435,563 with an average annual
growth rate of 3.3% and population density of 274 persons per square kilometre. The total
number of households is 64,391 with an average household size of 8.1.
Almost the entire population is Muslim (99.8%) with very small numbers of Christians, Hindus,
and Ahmadis
Most of the local inhabitants are agriculturists of Pashtun (Yousafzai) origin, while most of the
population of the district speaks Pashto. Though the agricultural area of the district is fertile but
the agricultural holdings are very small as compared to the number of owners. The total
cultivated area of the district is 423.6 square kilometers (104,700 acres) out of which only 30.75
square kilometers (7,600 acres) is irrigated and the remaining 392.85 square kilometers (97,080
acres) is non-irrigated. Shangla District is full of natural resources, having a vast scope for
investment and development.
It was severely hit during the October 8, 2005 earthquake and many people were left
homeless. Recently, it was again hit by 2015 Hindu Kush earthquake in which more than 18
people killed.
On the 26th of October, 2015 a strong earthquake measuring 8.1 on Richter scale struck major
cities of Pakistan, including the northern areas in the KP and FATA. District Shangla, Chitral,
Upper and Lower Dir, Swat, Thor ghar, Malakand, Buner and Battagram are amongst the worst
affected in the province while Bajaur agency has received severe damages in FATA. SRSP has
its presence in the entire earthquake affected areas which are accessible and has started
preliminary assessment through its field teams. Most affected severe damages in District
Shangla has been explained by the below table (Ref: PDMA)
Houses Damaged
The above numbers may increase as soon as the assessments are complete in inaccessible
areas. Apart from the above most of the community based infrastructure schemes such as
water supply systems, irrigation and sanitation have received damages due to the earthquake.
The number of such damages would be confirmed once our teams complete the ongoing
damage assessments at the field level at various affected areas. Overall 155 schools have been
reported damages partially or completely. Besides above, other areas such as Kohistan,
Mardan, Swabi, Tank Lakki Marwat have also been affected on account of damages to local
Gender Segregation: Among the casualties, it is obtained that 27% male, 35% females and the
rest of 38% children lost their lives. Similar is the case with injuries.
Existing Response and Required Need: Though Government departments including district
and agency administration, FDMA, PDMA etc are providing food and other non-food items,
however there is still a lot to do especially in the forms of Tents, Winterized Kits etc. as winter is
approaching and there is very less resources with the communities to rebuild their damages
houses. As per SRSP assessment details, there is need of 9,000 tents and 5,000 Winterized
kits to be provided to remaining affected families on immediate basis.
Following the relief phase, there would massive efforts required on the rehabilitation of the
damaged infrastructure especially houses damaged either partially or completely.
Approximately, 10,000 houses need immediate rehabilitation and reconstructions.
Resources Required:
Winter has started in the entire affected areas which have elevated the atrocities and impacts of
the Earthquake. Food, Utensils, Healthcare of Children and Aged Persons, Tents and
winterization kits are amongst the most immediate needs. Based on the above fact and figure,
there is an urgent need of resources both In-Cash and In-Kind to access and respond the
remaining affected families immediately.
Village Shaheed Sar of UC Koz Kana of District Shangla
Village Asharosar of UC Shahpur of District Shangla
Village Tolyak of UC Koz Kana of District Shangla
Relief Assistance provided by Team of Pakistan Kidney Centre Abbottabad
Financed by Pakistan Welfare Society Jeddah Saudia Arabia
The Pakistan Welfare Society Jeddah Kingdom of Saudia Arabia have collected Pledges amount of
Ruppees 50000.In the close coordination and direction of Dr. Khalil ur Rehman
Nephrologist Chairman & Acting CEO,Pakistan Kidney Center. President, Pakistan Welfare Society Trust.
Team was constituted by the consent of Pakistan Kidney Centre management and CEO.Amount drawn
from the Allied Bank Limited Abbottabad.
Day 01(Monday 02,2015)PKC team comprised of 04 members ie,
1.Shaoor Iqbal Public health and Social Mobilization Expert, Designation Pharmacist and
Manager PKC.
2.Shahzad Ahmad Khan Assistant Account and Procurrment Officer PKC
3.Asif Zar Intermediate qualification and Helper in PKC.
4.Masroor Khan Local Activist of Village Nawan Kally UC Shahpur
On Monday November 02,2015 team have departure from Abbottabad at 04:30 pm and
reached Besham at 11:15 PM. Assessment forms, Community Based Relief Committee formats,
Banners, Cameras, Jackets, Reference letter for the Government Line Agencies(GLAs) have been
prepared and kept in the vehicle.
Day 02,03 &04(Tuesday 03,2015 to Thursday 05,2015)
Team have visited the local Community Based Organization in Town Shahpur and met with
District Member Eng:Zia ul Haq and gathered information regarding areas and losses due the
Earthquake of 26 October 2015.We have selected 06 most affected top hilly villages of the two
UCs Shahpur and Koz Kana respectively ie,
Villages of Union Council Koz Kana:1.Shaheed Sar 2.Tolyak 3.Malasar
Villages of Union Council Shahpur:Asharosar 2.Shanayalsar 3.Motto
Local 4 by 4 jeep hired and reached village Shaheed Sar after 01 hour of hiking.
Team Situation Analysis,Physical Assessment & Distribution of Villages Shaheed Sar,Tolyak
1,2,Nawan Kally and Asharo sar of 02 Union Council Koz Kana andShahpur of Tehsil Alpuri
District Shangla
Team have divided in two different type of tasks i.e Shahzad Ali Khan ,Asif Zar and two local
activists have jointly visited of the whole village. About 70 % of total houses destroyed and
collapsed and not fit for residence. Few tents in placed where men, women and children
resides there in bad condition. Team have taken pictures of destroyed houses and gathered
details of the head of the family and their members etc. The second team after verified their
CNIC by the team 01 entered their details(Name of Head of Family, CNIC #,Total numbers of
Men, Women, Boys and Girls below sixteen and Contact Numbers ) in the Relief Assessment
sheets one by one .The local Community based relief committees have been formed and
acknowledged to make sure the transparency and smooth process of Relief. The name of the
committees was finalized with the Consent of affected communities i.e.
Village A:
Shaheed Sar: 1) Bakht Rokhan 2) Matlab Khan 3) Sabir Rokhan 4) Nasrullah 5) Shahi Malik
Village B:
Tolyak: 1) Shahbar 2) Gul Badan 3) Rasool Shah 4) Muhammad Malik 5) Sarmadan
Village C:
Asharosar: 1) Muhammad Siraj 2) Bacha Khan 3) Ibrahium 4) Jehanzeb 5) Mehmood Shah
Their immediate and long term needs of the three assessed villages are as below.
A) Immediate Needs
Food Commodities
Healthcare of the children and aged persons
Bedding and Blankets
Winter Kit
Hygiene Kits
Warm clothes
B) Long Term Needs
Shelter Earthquake resistant Houses
Reconstruction of houses in accordance with ERRA Construct ion Code
Reconstruction of Community infrastructure like Water Supply Scheme, Hujra, Mosque,
Street Pavements and Drainage, Rehabilitation of Income Resources like Livestocks,
Poultry, Shops, Craft and Tailoring etc. Total 115 families have been assessed in 04
Villages. Total 100 Families have been supported @ rate of Rupees 5000(Five
Thousands).Total amount disbursed is Rupees 500,000(Five hundreds Thousands).
Details of the Distribution families are as below
Date Village & UC Name
and( % of
Shaheed Sar UC
Koz Kana (100%
Tolyak No 1 & 2 UC
Koz Kana ( 100%)
Nawan Kally UC
Koz Kana( 50%
Asharoosar UC
Shahpur( Covered
20-25% )
No of
Men Women
Below 16
Population Amount
Picture Gallary of the Relief Assessment and Distribution of District Shangla

Profile of District Shangla