Land heats up _______________________ than water, but it also cools off more _______________________.
Oceans heat ________________________________, hold heat well, and give off heat slowly.
– In winter, the ocean acts like a heater because it keeps the coastal climate ________________________
– In summer, the ocean acts like an ______________________________as cooler ocean air moves inland
through convection currents.
– Land near the ocean is often __________________ in winter and cooler in the____________________.
Ocean Currents
Two Types of ocean currents are
_________________________ &
Surface currents are: _________________________,
stream-like movements of water that occur at or near the
Example: __________________________
Surface currents are controlled by:
Global Winds _________________________________________________________________________
Example: _________________________________
Coriolis Effect:
Counter Clockwise:
Northern Hemisphere = _______________________________________
Southern Hemisphere = _______________________________________
A plane flying from Anchorage, Alaska directly toward
Miami, Florida would miss its target due to the Coriolis
effect. The target location where the plane was headed
when it took off has moved with Earth's rotation, so
the plane would end up to the right of its original
The intended path is shown below, a straight line.
Draw the actual path the plane would take
according to the Coriolis effect.
Continental Deflections: Shape of continents _______________________ the direction of current flow
Deep Currents are: __________________________________________________________________________________
Caused by:

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