Nuclear Physics (Phys 0302463) Syllabus
Department of Physics
University of Jordan
Spring 2014/2015
Dr. Bodoor
Class hours
Office Hours
Physics 208
Mon Wed 9:30-11:00 AM
Mon Wed 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Introductory Nuclear Physics by Kenneth S.
Grading and Evaluation Policy:
Midterm Exam: 30%, Short Exams & Homework: 20%, Final
Exam: 50%
Topics and approximate number of lectures:
Background: A timeline of modern physics and early nuclear
physics, fundamental forces and their relation to nuclear
physics, atomic vs. nuclear physics, elementary particles, a
quick review of quantum mechanics.
(3 lectures)
Basic Nuclear Concepts and Nuclear Properties: (3 lectures)
The nuclear force and the Deuteron as the simplest nuclear (2body) system: (3 lectures)
Nuclear force and nucleon-nucleon scattering: (3 lectures)
Nuclear Models: (5 lectures)
Radioactive decay: α decay, β decay, γ decay (4 lectures)
Nuclear Reactions: Fission, Fusion (3 lectures)

Nuclear Physics (Phys 0302463) Syllabus