Exam Board: Edexcel
Course Contact: Miss E Cox
What will I study?
Further Mathematics must be taken in conjunction with Mathematics. The course
is split into two elements; Further Pure (Core) and Applied Mathematics. The
compulsory Further Pure module extends your algebraic skills; using matrices to
solve systems of equations, introducing methods of proof and extending your
number system to work with complex numbers. The Applied modules offer a
variety of practical applications of Mathematics. The Mechanics modules explore
concepts related to Physics. The Decision Maths modules explore algorithms and
logic based decision making. A selection of applied modules will be studied across
the duration of the course.
What next?
The Further Mathematics course is a good accompaniment to AS/A Levels in
Physics and Chemistry. It is a good contrast to English and History due to its
100% examination assessment.
Further Mathematics A-Level should be considered by anyone hoping to apply to
study Mathematics or a related course (e.g. Physics, Engineering, etc.). 65% of the
Russell Group Universities cite Further Maths as essential or desirable for the
study of Mathematics (May 2012).
Entry requirements:
Students should have a minimum grade of an A*in GCSE Maths.