Guarantee of one year’s growth
in one year’s time for all students.
Accelerated growth for students below benchmark.
Week of October 20, 2013
Southside Shout-Outs for
Cathy Jones and the food service crew
earned a 100% rating on their most
recent Health Department inspection!
Wayne Ivers and the custodial crew
ALSO earned a 100% on their most
recent Health Department inspection!
Tis the Season!
The idea of student self-regulation dots the pages of Chapter 6 in Hattie’s
Visible Learning. We have had staff and individual conversations about
students who are indifferent to learning and we seem perplexed—dare I say
“mad” about it. Research calls us to develop “situational awareness” as
teachers. It requires that we “listen to student questions, and use assessment
to provide (teachers) information of what is working with whom and when it
is working.” The goal is to make students aware of “the learning intentions
and success criteria, of the value of deliberate practice and of what to do
when they do not know what to do.” (pg. 111) Could it be so simple to just
let the student “in” on the learning? To step away from our talking and
design learning environments that let the student own it? Self-reported,
standards based grading (1.44 effect size) supports this idea of students
monitoring their own learning and thinking about THEIR outcomes. What
would be a next step for you/your team in guiding students in this way?
It did not go unnoticed in the reading that Hattie found the achievement of
the disengaged yet compliant student group not very different from the
uncooperative, aggressive student group. That made me a little uneasy
because I think we often “go with” compliance because it appears to get the
job done, but in reality students are able to check out of the actual learning
and their futures. How do we make compliant learning “impossible” at
We will share insights/applications from Chapter 6: The Flow of the Lesson:
Learning at our Staff Meeting on Tuesday. This chapter stresses the high
impact of teaching students how to use strategies. In preparation for our
conversation on Tuesday, please select a strategy of interest to you that has a
.60 or greater effect size from Appendix C. (pg. 251) This strategy will be a
personal PD focus for you in the coming months.
Thank you to everyone for the insight last
Friday when we analyzed our 2103 KPREP
scores. We have great ideas to include in
our CSIP for continued student growth!
Our bus drivers are very special folks and play an important role in the
service we provide students and their families. This is a week for staff and
students to say—WE APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DO! We have 5 bus drivers:
Ann, Ricky, Ronnie, Randy and Kyle. Each team has been assigned a day of
appreciation—be creative, involve the students and “share the love”!
(Transportation Appreciation Week Schedule Cont.)
Monday: Administration/Front Office Staff
Tuesday: Kindergarten and 4th grade
Wednesday: 1st grade
Thursday: 2nd and 3rd grades
Friday: 5th grade and related arts teachers
1st and 2nd grade teachers: Tutors will give you the student’s folder after each session. Please add individual reading
support work (Task Cards, Lexia printed lessons, additional WTW work, etc.) and return the folder to the FRC so that it is
ready for the following session. Your instructional support will increase the impact of our tutors enormously! Thank you
for attending to this each week!  Attached please find the list of Titan/Tiger pairs!
Monday 10/21
Tuesday 10/22
Southside Schedule
J Catlett OUT for conference
7:00 AM: Grading Window Closes in IC
J Catlett OUT for conference
Picture Retake Day
Take Home Tuesday Folders go home
3:00 Report Cards turned in office
2:45-4:00 Staff Meeting
Wednesday 10/23
Susie’s Schedule
7:00 AM Puckett pre observation conversation
4th grade during internal lab visit (7:40-9:30)
10:00 CSIP work out of building
1:20 Jump observation
12:30 Puckett observation
Susie office hours:
Thursday 10/24
Susie office hours:
Friday 10/25
Planning: K, 1, 2 Data Team Meetings
6:00 PM Kindergarten Parent Academy
8:30 SSE Admin Team Meeting
2:30 Gregory pre observation conversation
7:40 School wide Morning Meeting
RR/CIM Behind the Mirror PD @ SSE
Planning: 3, 4, 5 Data Team Meetings
Report Cards Go Home with Students
Our KPREP and first quarter Awards Assembly will be early next week.

Tiger Talk about Hattie PD