The Honorable Governor Abbott
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428
June 3, 2015
The Honorable Governor Abbott:
RE: TLC, Consumers Rights
GTECH $508 Million Mass Action Lawsuit
Sir, I write with questions of concern hopping you would take the time out of your day to address
my concerns about the rights of the consumer protection act and its laws that supposed to
protect consumers from businesses who may violate consumers protection with fraudulent
intent. Sir, it is fact that GTECH a contractor with TLC has printed other FUN 5’s scratch off
tickets in other states (Kansa, Indiana, Nebraska, Western Australia) with symbol language on
the Fun 5’s scratch off tickets as winning tickets.
Kansa and I quote: Complete a row, column, or diagonal line with (MONEY SIGN) symbol, win
the Prize shown. Get a “5” symbol in the BONDS box, win “5” time that PRIZE.
Different in the use of language as shown above for Kansa Fun 5’s and for Texas language
used on the Fun 5’s scratch off ticket as follow and I quote: Reveal three “5” symbols in any one
row, column or diagonal, win PRIZE in PRIZE box. Reveal a money Bag symbol in the 5X BOX, win 5
times that PRIZE.
Reading the language used on the face of the Texas scratch off ticket and following the rules
set by TLC in how to win a prize; you too would think as well you have won the prize in the box
as the language read. All a player would have to do is reveal a money bag to win 5X the amount
shown in the box.
My question is to you sir, as the facts is shown to be clear, who do we as consumers turn to
when the AG is not willing or nor would even consider to address our grievance against TLC a
The legislative body failed to protect those who they consider (The Poor) would purchase
Texas Lottery games under the consumer protection act that would have given the players an
avenue to redress its grievance. Failing to do so, leave the consumer at the mercy of the
legislative body for approval to sue TLC a business, when the consumer protection act should
equally protect all consumers from the overreaching hands of all businesses (TLC) that sell
consumer produces.
Under this current system of design tactic is to deny an equal shield of consumer protection as
all other businesses who must abide by the consumer protection laws, when TLC is protected
under sovereignty immunity. Clearly a wrong has been done in violation of the consumer
protection act against those who play Texas Lottery games. TLC set the rules of how to play
Texas lottery games which a player must follow to win a prize. When TLC doesn’t abide by its
set rules of how a game is played in order to win a prize then a player needs an avenue to
address its grievance.
States need an avenue to address the federal government when it feel a wrong has been done
(So why not consumers) so that the federal government may not take away rights (As TLC did)
by overreaching or a federal takeover of states, so I ask you Sir, Why? TLC has that right to
overreach by taking away the consumer rights of protection at will when TLC does not want to
take responsibility for its wrong against consumers? No other business enjoys this privilege as
Sir, All I am asking for is fairness and if this is too much please disregard this letter.
Charles Grays
805 Speed St
Wharton, Texas 77488
[email protected]
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The Honorable Lt. Governor Patrick

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