Internationalization is one of the spearheads of Sakarya University policy, not only as a goal in itself but as an essential
component of the instruction and research process. International cooperation is expected to improve the quality of the
primary processes. Cooperation with so many institutions under the framework of EU Programmes testifies to this goal.
The current internationalization policy plan focuses on the effort to increase student and staff mobility; increasing
internationalization of curricula; active participation in European research and educational projects, within Lifelong
Learning Programme/Erasmus and active participation in Intensive Programmes.
The University has had a good experience in participating to the ERASMUS programme and its delivery of student and
staff mobility within SOCRATES/ERASMUS has consistently been above the national average for the Turkey. The
University recognises a continued close involvement in LLP as essential to underpin and further develop its European
strategy in a dynamic way. Many of the aims outlined in the 2004-2006 programme have been achieved. There is an
increased awareness of the European experience, with more of a balance between incoming and outgoing students and
facilities for language training have been greatly improved. The introduction of ECTS in undergraduate programmes has
facilitated accreditation and the goals under curriculum development have been achieved. The University now plans to
consolidate its existing exchange programmes, and to ensure that they meet the Quality Assurance Agency's guidelines
on placements. The University actively encourages our students to participate in EU students exchange programmes
and tries to remove barriers. Our University is among the eight most successful universities in the Turkey at the student
exchange programme of EU. We will also continue to contribute to staff mobility under LLP. The Rector, Vice-Rector for
Teaching and Learning, Secretary General and International Affairs have over-arching responsibility for all such
The University provides a high level of support to incoming ERASMUS students as for all students registered in Sakarya
University. This means that orientation programmes are provided both by the University and by the individual
departments, the incoming students have access to personal tutors and have the same teaching contract as their peers.
The University recognizes the special needs of disabled students who can assess for all facilities.
The Equal Opportunity Policies of the University apply not only to the selection of outgoing students but to the teaching
and learning experience of incoming students. In order to have high quality in academic mobility activities? Sakarya
University complies with the followings; Sakarya University has established a tradition in the field of international
cooperation. All proposals for new partnerships going to be approved by the relevant Faculty and Department Erasmus
Coordinators and will be required to satisfy the requirements of the University's policy document on the quality control of
placements, including exchanges. Besides individual contacts between scientists, which are inherent in scientific
practice, Sakarya University has had institutionalized internationalization policies since the participating to the
ERASMUS/SOCRATES Programme in 2004-2005. These focused on development cooperation, which was partly
intertwined with the institutions denominational roots; with universities in EU countries and at the same time with
universities in partner countries of EU and universities in USA. Incentives policies of the European Commission and the
Turkish Government greatly boosted cooperation at the European level, focusing on student and staff mobility and the
internationalization of curricula. During the LLP/ERASMUS Programme (2007-2013) this development will continue with
the emphasis shifting to the quality of the partnering institutions. We will continue to promote staff mobility at Sakarya,
welcoming staff to teach on our programmes and accepting invitations from partners to teach on their programmes. Each
year, new exchanges in this area have developed and these will be encouraged. New subject areas and mobility to
different countries will be emphasised in order to generate interest across a wider range of departments. We will
promote teaching exchanges with those partners where we also have student mobility to maximise impact, but will also
link international research activity to education programmes in areas that are already successful. In order to have high
quality in student placement activities: Sakarya University complies with the followings; Sakarya University recognizes
that the student placement programme brings a unique, flexible and quite unbeatable solution to the staffing
requirements. We will therefore provide Sakarya businesses with high quality staff at exceptionally low costs through
placement of exchange students. Sakarya is one of the industrialized cities of Turkey and there are many large and
medium sized enterprises in the city. The university has close cooperation with the industrial environment and with the
Chamber of Industry of Sakarya (ATSO).
University will take a role for the replacement of the incoming students from the institutions which we are actively
collaboration under Erasmus and also with others that we will collaborate under LLP. Sakarya University Placement
Service (SPS) which is going to be established will assist students looking for positions and academic institutions for
placement. Also, SPS will offer help to incoming students and outgoing students seeking internships and work
experience placements.
We are also going to get in touch with foreign enterprises for training opportunities for outgoing students. We are
planning to have contacts with the partners of Leonardo da Vinci Programme projects implemented previously in our
University. Students who have placed in such programmes are going to be observed by their departments