The Secret Annex
Welcome to Amsterdam! The city is known for its art and food, but most importantly, this is where the
Anne Frank Museum is located. Before you enter Anne Frank’s house, take a moment and walk around
Amsterdam. You can do this by clicking on the “Google Earth” icon on your desktop. In the search bar,
type “Amsterdam.” Mini-icons will pop up all over the map. Take 5 minutes and click on three of those
icons exploring some of the other places around the city. Then, make your way back to Anne Frank’s
annex and begin your field trip. You will begin at
Which are the three places you chose?
During the tour you will be engaged in a scavenger hunt. You won’t believe all of the artifacts left
behind! Follow these directions step by step in order to effectively search through this hide-out.
But first, in your own words, why did Anne Frank’s family have to go into hiding?
Are you ready to start your tour? Great! Let’s go!
1. Push through the bookshelf to enter the secret annex.
2. Listen to the audio then go through the door marked “Room Frank Family.”
3. There will be multiple blue circles around each room you investigate. Each blue circle will tell a
story about the room and the people who lived there. The questions below correspond to the
blue circles in each room. Explore each room in order to find the answers to each question.
Level One – Room Frank Family and Anne’s and Fritz’s Room
4. Learn about Margot. The book on the table will give you some answers.
a. List 4 characteristics of Margot:
5. Who is Otto Frank’s favorite author?
6. How is Edith dealing with her annex?
7. How does Edith find comfort which hiding in the annex?
8. What is the difference between Edith’s relationship with Margot and Anne?
9. Why is Otto Frank marking a map of Normandy?
10. Find the markings on the wall. Why would Otto and Edith care about marking the height of their
11. Who is Dr. Pfeffer’s first patient? What happens during the appointment?
12. Describe the relationship between Anne and Pfeffer?
*Explore the bathroom on your own time.
Climb the stairs to level 2
Level Two – Room Van Pels Family
Listen to the audio for the background of this room.
Why is having a radio so dangerous for Nazi Germany?
Why is it important that the Annex has a radio?
What is ironic about the Annex having a radio?
Based on what you’ve gathered about Anne and Mr. Van Pels, how do you think they get along?
Name 3 things you notice about the common room. Why did you choose those?
Enter Peter’s Room
19. Listen to the audio for Peter’s room.
Go upstairs to level 3.
Level Three – Attic Secret Annex
20. How do you think her optimism helped Anne deal with being in hiding?
21. How does the saying, “You don’t what you have until it’s gone,” apply to Anne and the window?
At this point you have completed the tour through the Secret Annex. However, there is a whole building
to explore (if you have the time). Time permitting, if you have the opportunity, explore the building, or
go out onto the streets of Amsterdam to learn more about Anne’s secret hiding place and where she
spent her years in hiding.

Anne Frank Scavenger Hunt

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