Name: ___________________________Period: _______Date: _____________
Plate Tectonic Review for test on Thursday, October 16th
Alfred Wegener
Plate Tectonics
fossil evidence
line up
sea floor
Fill in the Blank, Plate Tectonics:
The Theory of Continental Drift was proposed by ______________ _______________
in 1912. The theory states that all the ________________ were once one __________________
named Pangaea and have since _____________ apart to their current locations. The evidence
that supports Continental Drift is: similar ____________ ___________ from different
continents, the landforms _____________ __________, and the _______________ of the current
continents fit together like a puzzle. The Continental Drift Theory has since changed into the
Theory of ___________ _____________. This theory states that the earth’s crust is broken into
large moving pieces called ________________ to which the continents are
___________________. Along with the evidence that was used to support Continental Drift,
new evidence such as _______ ____________ spreading, earthquakes and _________________,
and actual recorded _______________________ all help support Plate Tectonics.
Fill in the Blank, Plate Boundaries:
new ocean crust
San Andres
transform boundary
Himalayan Mts
Mid-Ocean Ridge
rift valleys
tall mountains
The crust is broken into 16 plates: These plates shift and move in all directions. Where they
meet one another is called a plate ________________________.
There are three types:
A _________________ boundary is where the two plates move away from one another.
Here we find ______________ _______________ and ridges. New _____________ is
Name: ___________________________Period: _______Date: _____________
formed at these types of boundaries. An example of this type of boundary is the
_________ _______________ _____________.
A convergent boundary is where the two plates move _____________ one another.
If ________________ occurs, then one plate is forced underneath the other and
__________ trenches and coastal mountain ranges with _____________ are formed
along the boundary.
If _______________ occurs then both plates collide and push ___________ creating
______ _________________ with mild earthquakes. An example of this type of
convergent boundary is found in the ________________ ________________ of India.
The third type of boundary is called a ___________ _______________. At this boundary
the plates move ___________ one another in different directions. This movement creates
visible _____________ and lots of _____________. Prime example is the ________
___________ Fault in California.
During sea-floor spreading, new crust forms when molten material from the mantle will
rise up and fill in to form _______ ___________ ____________. The opposite edges of
the boundary then become _____________________.
(Word Bank Ends)
What is the difference between a constructive and a destructive force that shapes the
Earth’s surface? __________________________________________________________
What happens to the temperature and pressure as you go deeper into the Earth?
What indirect method can be used to map the bottom of the deep ocean
Name: ___________________________Period: _______Date: _____________
Label the Inside of the Earth:
Describe what each layer is made of: (use words like solid, liquid, metal, rock)
Inner Core:_________________________________________________________________
Outer Core:_________________________________________________________________
Rock Cycle
1. Name the three basic types of rocks. ______________________________________________
2. From what material are igneous rocks formed?
3. Explain the difference between intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.____________________
Name: ___________________________Period: _______Date: _____________
4. In the rock cycle the processes of ________________ and __________________ produce
metamorphic rock. Sediments for sedimentary rock are produced by the processes of
_____________________ and _____________________ from the forces of the elements above
the earth’s surface. Igneous rocks form when molten material ____________ into magma and
______________________ as it cools.
5. List and describe the 3 steps of lithification:
7. Fossils are found in ___________________________rock.
8. Fill in the missing blanks with the correct type of rock.
Igneous rock
Metamorphic rock
Deposition, compaction,
and cementation occurs
Sedimentary rock
Erosion & weathering
occur to form sediments
Heat and pressure
Heat and pressure is applied
Magma crystallizes, or
hardens to form this rock
Rock melts to form

Geologic Time / Tectonic Review

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