Republican scientific-practical conference with participation of foreign scientists
"Resource-saving technologies for rail transport"
December 14-15, 2015 Tashkent, Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport
The conference will be held at the following address: Tashkent city, Mirabad
district, st. Adylhodzhaeva, d. 1.
Starting conference - December 14, 2015 at 12.30.
Telephone: (371) 299-00-26.
E-mail: [email protected]
Information about the organizer:
Schedule of presentations:
at the plenary session - 20 minutes;
on breakout sessions - 10-15 minutes;
in the debate - to 5 minutes.
Tashkent - 2015
Plan conference
Event Time Venue Managers
Registration for the conference 14 December 2015
12.00-12.30 Hall of the Academic Council
Opening of the conference 14 December 2015
1230 Hall of the Academic Council
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the organization and management of
transportation processes," December 14, 2015 Mr.
14.00 aud. 449
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the operation and maintenance of
railway rolling stock" 14 December 2015
14.00 aud. 232
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the construction and road economy"
December 14, 2015 Mr.
aud. 101
Section "Resource-saving technologies of automation, telecommunications and
power supply of rail transport," December 14, 2015 Mr.
14.00 aud. 253
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the financial and economic sphere of
railway transport" December 14, 2015 Mr.
14.00 aud. 436
Closing of the conference
Summary December 15, 2015 Mr.
16.00 Hall of the Academic Council
Opening of the conference
Plenary session
December 14, 2015 at 12-30, Hall of the Academic Council.
Foreword Rector
Plenary speakers
Azizov AR, Yuldashev Sh, Nuriddinov K.Қ.
Features remote monitoring system "Zarafshan".
Khamidov OR
Monitoring of the technical condition of the locomotive asynchronous motors by
means of vibration diagnostics.
Kurbanov JF
Open system unified spatial field - a source of grinding materials.
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the organization and management of
transportation processes"
December 14, 2015, 14:00, room. 449.
President: N. Ibragimov, professor
Secretary: MA Hadzhimuhametova
1. Shorustamov A.Sh. (Tashiit)
2. Bagel GP (Tashiit)
On the implementation of measures for the implementation of corporate
governance practices in rail transport.
3. Dozortsev VM Yusupbekov NR Adil FT, Abdullayev KR (ICS RAS, TSTU)
Building deductive simulator models of technological processes of industrial
4. Egamberdiev RA, Saidivaliev SU (Tashiit)
Logistic methods
5. Saidivaliev SU, SB Sattorov (Tashiit)
6. Zhuraboev KA (Tashiit)
Foreign experience in transportation of perishable goods.
7. Ergashev Z. (Tashiit)
Background of the logistics centers in railway transport
8. N. Ibragimov, Hadzhimuhametova MA Akhmedov SH (Tashiit)
Development of a simulation model of the motion of a vehicle on the roads of
refrigeration different categories
9. Khudoiberganov Қ.T., Mirzaboev AM, Khudoiberganov K.Қ. (TARI)
10. Khudoiberganov S.Q. (Tashiit)
11. Fayzihodzhaeva ML, Ibragimov U.N., Dadaboeva ZS
Bringing Additional volume of transit cargo through the formation of competitive
transport corridors.
12. Homonenko AD Tuhtahodzhaev AB (PSTU)
Navigation mobile indoor transport logistics systems
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the operation and maintenance of
railway rolling stock"
December 14, 2015, 14:00, room. 232
Chairman: G. Khromov, Prof.
Secretary: Mukhamedova ZG
1. Temerbekov BM Ataullaev SA, DA Mirzaev, Abdurasulov HM (TSTU)
Application of interpolation method to determining the location of the
measurement points of the object with distributed parameters coordinates.
2. Yusupbekov AN Ataullaev AO, Mirzaev DA, HS Turaev (TSTU)
Simulation and research of amplitude discriminators with feedback.
3. Ruzmetov YO, Abdullayev BA (Tashiit)
4. Burkov AT, SS Muxsimov (PSTU)
The system of traction power 2x25 kW for high-speed lines.
5. DV Volkovskiy (LLC "WUA Technology")
Development of intelligent monitoring systems locomotives based on the on-board
microprocessor systems with wireless data transmission
6. Zayniddinov NS, Sultonov Sh.Kh., Tursunov HM (AO UTY)
Evaluation of residual life of electric bogie frames in order to extend their useful
7. Zayniddinov NS (AO UTY)
Use of computer-aided design in mechanical engineering.
8. Kapustyan MF Ponomarev EV Supchinsky OP (OmGUPS)
Office of Energy Efficiency in the repair of electric locomotives
9. Karimov OV (Tashiit)
Check of elements of the boiler to the action of external pressure.
10. Қayumov SN (Tashiit)
11. Qosimov HR (Tashiit)
Residual life assessment and strength of the frame locomotives.
12. Mukhamedova ZG (Tashiit)
On the issue of optimization of dynamic characteristics of self-propelled vehicles.
13. Mukhamedova Z.G., Aksyonov V.F. (Tashiit)
Design parameters of the dynamic strength of the main frame and running gear of
rail service cars.
14. Nazirhonov TM (Tashiit)
Service Features traction electrical equipment of modern freight locomotives "UZEL" in the conditions of railways of Uzbekistan.
15. Ablyalimov O.S, Tursunov TM (Tashiit)
On the question of locomotives operating in the area Kumkurgan UzTE16M4 Tashguzar.
16. Sattorov HA, AA Kadirov (TUIT)
Features optimization problems traction power supply
17. Sobolev IY (Tashiit)
Improving recovery technology wheelsets.
18. Iksar EV (Tashiit)
Technical diagnostics of semiconductor converters and electrical equipment of
electric rolling stock.
19. Insapov DM (Tashiit)
Improving the quality of technical inspection of the current collectors of electric
rolling stock
20. Rakhimov RV, RA Sagdullaeva (Tashiit)
Theoretical studies of structure hopper car for transportation of cement.
21. Tuychiyev MN (Tashiit)
Use of automated control systems on electric fans overhead 80c.
22. Yakubov HK (Ural State University)
Results of preliminary tests of the filter-sump guard for diesel engines.
23. JO Khaydarov, Usmanov ZH (Tashiit)
Development of a technique based on dynamic strength of spring elements of
complex configuration.
24. Khromov SA, Arabs D.Sh. (Tashiit)
The design of the pivot assembly of freight wagon and the method of its
calculation on dynamic strength.
25. Khromov SA, Makhbubov AR (Tashiit)
Processing of the results of field measurements of electric oscillations of the bogie
frame 80c overhead view of the work of hydraulic dampers.
26. Khromov GA, Israilov SD, Zhumabaev EA (Tashiit)
Development of technological process of repair of the locomotive chassis series
TIC 70BS in the volume of the CD-1, the CD-2 UE
27. Khromov GA, Saidov SA, Uyghur DF (Tashiit)
The methodology for calculating the quasi-static frames to enhance the details of
bodies and frames of trucks and electric series VL60k 2VL60k during overhaul
reconditioning with the extension of the life of more than 50 years
28. Eshmatova BI, Iskhakov FF, Bobomurodov NH, Shamsutdinova VH (Bay,
Coulometric method for measuring the content of carbon monoxide in the gasvapor mixtures technological environments of industrial production.
29. Yutkina IS, Stepanov AV, Tuvalu Zh.N. (Tashiit)
Quasi-static calculation of the elastic body frame of the locomotive, taking into
account the impact of longitudinal forces.
30. IS Yutkina (Tashiit)
Theoretical and experimental studies of stress-strain state of the main body frame
oscillation of electric overhead 60k c considering installing absorbing devices in
the coupler.
31. MS Yakubov, Israilov U.Sh. (Tashiit)
The use of magneto-optical devices for technical diagnostics of electrical
installations on the basis of spectral analysis.
32. Mikhail Yakubov (Tashiit)
Optimization repair electrical traction on the basis of technical condition
33. Turanov H. (USURT)
Theory and evaluation mechanisms on the example of V spring-set friction truck
freight wagon.
34. Turanov H. (USURT)
Theory and Design of spring-friction draft gear freight wagon.
35. Berdiyev UT (Tashiit)
Speakers variable frequency induction motor at start-up
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the construction and road economy"
December 14, 2015, 14:00, room. 101
Director: Adylhodzhaev AI, Prof.
Secretary: Shawmari SS
1. Shawmari NB, Shawmari SS (Tashiit)
The inelastic deformation of structural systems under seismic impacts.
2. Abdullayev AK (Tashiit)
The impact of rail transport on the environment and some of the ways to address
3. Abdusattarov A. (Tashiit)
Formation of the computational model of the spherical part of the boiler tank.
4. Abdusattarov A. Matkarimov AK, AA Mirzanazarov (Tashiit)
By considering the effect of the characteristics of pipelines and interaction in the
VAT under dynamic loading.
5. Berdibaeva DB Abdiraimova KM (Tashiit)
6. AT Jalilov, Samig NA Nurkulov FN (Said institute)
Energy-saving oligomeric flame retardants for construction materials.
7. Kakharov ZV, Hushnazarov OB (Tashiit, TARI)
8. Mirhanova MM, BT Hushnazarov (Tashiit, TARI)
9. V. Tsoi (Tashiit)
On the method of designing of concrete mixes.
10. BA Mirsalihov (Tashiit)
11. Mirsalihov ZE (Tashiit)
The dependence of changes in the density of unit strain under the influence of loess
sandy loam vibrodynamic loads.
12. Rozhkov EV (Tashiit)
Dynamic calculation of rail thread on a modified elastic foundation considering the
inertia of rotation, shear and external resistance.
13. Sabirov Sh (Tashiit)
Analysis of water leakage in urban water supply and their relationship with
indicators of reliability of pipelines and equipment.
14. SS Salihanov (Tashiit)
The methodology for calculating the bearing capacity of the structure co-operating
"main beam - a layer of concrete or stressing" span bridges.
15. Sattorov ZM (Said institute)
The use of modern energy-saving technologies in the production of building
materials and products for railways.
16. Bakhramov W. (Tashiit)
Selecting sound methods of water supply systems.
17. Khusanov IN, AA Mirzoev, Khodzhaev Ya.D. (Tashiit)
Investigation of the processes of viscous to viscous aftereffect the aftereffect for
visco - inert deformable media.
18. Rakhmanov UI (Tashiit)
Calculation on the theory of elastic torsion element supports the subway - the
bridges of rectangular section of reinforced concrete and precast reinforced
19. AV Umarov, Khusanbay U.Ya. (NamSU)
On the formation of polymer nanocomposites.
20. Khikmatullayeva K. (NO ID)
The role of lighting system in the underground: Artistic, aesthetic and
psychological peculiarities.
21. Shchipachev EV Rakhimov NB, D. Sharipov (Tashiit)
A rational approach to the design of low-rise residential buildings with economical
expenditure of energy in the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan.
22. Ergashev C.E., Begmatov NI (Tashiit)
Investigation of the effect vibrodynamic load on the strength characteristics of
loess soils derived from the movement of trains at speeds of 200-250 km / h.
23. The U. of I. Rakhmanov, Yarkulov OS (Tashiit)
Research the causes of cracks in concrete elements operated bridges.
24. Jabbarov ST (Tashiit)
The integration of railways of Uzbekistan in the international network of highspeed rail.
25. Rakhmanov U. of I., Yarkulov OS (Tashiit)
Research the causes of cracks in concrete elements operated bridges.
Section "Resource-saving technologies of automation, telecommunications and
energy supply of railway transport"
December 14, 2015, 14:00, room. 253
Director: A. Khalikov, professor
Secretary: Mirsagdiev OA
1. M. Abdullaev (TUIT)
2. Azizov AR, Yuldashev Sh, Nuriddinov Қ.K. (Tashiit)
Automation timing measurements shaper codes.
3. Aripov NM, Aliyev RM, MN Hamrahanov (Tashiit)
Features of construction of microprocessor control systems on high-speed driving
of the state sector.
4. Aliev MM, Aliyev RM (Tashiit)
Control method approached a high-speed section of the railway line.
5. Aliyev RM, Abdullayev RB, DC Vaisov (Tashiit)
Method of Measuring ESSO station on the stretch and compression device.
6. Aripov NM Baratov DH, EK Ametova (Tashiit)
Questions to develop an interactive electronic format normative technical
documentation of devices of railway automation and remote control system at JSC
"Uzbekiston Temir Yullari."
7. FA Akhmedov (Tashiit)
8. Baltaev JB (TUIT)
Analysis of multi-channel signature-based diagnostics in the digital hardware of
railway automation.
9. Aripov NM, Baratov DH, Aulus WA (Tashiit)
Analysis of technologies of processing custom specifications of JSC "Uzbekiston
Temir Yullari"
10. Bayanov IN, Turdybekov KH (Tashiit)
Method of calculation of the electric field moving a pair of high-speed electric
rolling stock subject to arcing.
11. Boltaev OT (Tashiit)
12. VM Zakirov (Tashiit)
Model telecommunications networks serving multi-service traffic.
13. Jabbarov SH.YU. (TUIT)
Model of fault diagnosis and digital devices DCE.
14. Jabbarov SH.YU., Normatov DT (TUIT)
15. Juraev AD Baltaev JB (TUIT)
A simulation model for evaluating the reliability of the testing methods of compact
digital devices.
16. Juraev RH (TUIT)
Correlation characteristics of service quality and performance of information
security in telecommunication networks.
17. Doschanova MY, Narziev NB (TUIT)
Automating the process of managing sales organizations.
18. Doschanova MY, Mirzaev DA, FA Ergashev (TUIT)
19. Karimov RK, MS Ortikov (Tashiit)
Features Network monitoring operational and technological communication.
20. Makhmudov SO (TUIT)
21. Musamedova KA, Mir Ahmedova GM (Tashiit)
Muқobil energy manbalari haқida.
22. Mirsagdiev OA, SH Ahmadov (Tashiit)
The quality of communication in the railway transport manager.
23. Karimov RK, MS Ortikov (Tashiit)
Features of control system digital network rail transport.
24. Plahtiy AP (Tashiit)
Energy-saving non-contact high-current converters for the monitoring and control
systems in rail transportation and industrial power industry.
25. Khalikov SS, AA Saitov (Tashiit)
26. Nazirova ZG (Tashiit)
Modeling section traction network to determine the voltage and active power
27. Sulla AH (Tashiit)
28. Ahunov FI (TUIT)
Organization of wireless communication systems to improve management
efficiency and security with the use of standard GSM.
29. Turdibekov KH Zhuraeva KK, AA Kadirov (Tashiit)
Improving the efficiency of electric power supply system of railway transport
through the introduction of cosine capacitor units.
30. Ahunov FI, FF Isayev (TUIT, TSTU)
Estimation of electromagnetic compatibility of radio networks in the management
of the railways.
31. Khalikov AA, Kolesnikov IK Kurbanov JF, O. Ibragimov (Tashiit)
Energy-saving technology water purification and disinfection in a single spatial
electromagnetic field.
32. Hushboқov BH, Shadmonhodzhaev M.Sh. (Tashiit)
Contact connection and controlling the elements
33. Khudaiberganov Қ.T., Mirzaboev A. Khudaiberganov K. (TARI)
34. Khudaiberganov Қ.T., Mirzaboev A. Khudaiberganov K. (TARI)
35. Safarov AM KH Turdybekov (Tashiit)
The automated control system of electric energy consumption of electric vehicles
36. Safarov AM, Rustamov D.Sh. (Tashiit)
Analysis of the impact of equalization currents traction power supply
37. Royenko DN Yaronova NV (PSTU)
Methods for controlling the value of the coefficient of readiness of radio
38. Yaronova NV
Methods of assessing the availability of standard documentation networks and train
radio communication at all stages of their life cycle
Section "Resource-saving technologies in the financial and economic sphere of
railway transport"
December 14, 2015, 14:00, room. 436
Director: Ismailhodzhaev AI, Ph.D., assistant professor.
Secretary: Merganov AM
1. Akbarov MI, Merganov AM (Tashiit)
2. Gulamov AA, AK Mavlanov (Tashiit)
Formation of an optimal model of tariff regulation of freight traffic of "Uzbekiston
Temir Yullari": tariff policy.
3. AH Jalilov, Merganov AM (Tashiit)
4. Nazarov M. Jalilov AH (Tashiit)
5. MN Ravshanov, AI Ismailhodzhaev (Tashiit)
6. Zakirov GT (Tashiit)
7. S. Sultanov, Ismailov NJ (Tashiit)
Methods of tax planning income-based statistical model accounting.
8. Holmўminov ZT, Narzullaev O. Khamraiev (TGYUU)
9. Kholmuminov Zh.T., Narzullaev O.H. (TGYUU)
Animals in influence of road traffic on biological resources.
10. OJ Bakholdina (Tashiit)
Based on projections of financial resources and tax costs of JSC "Uzbekistan
11. DN Rakhmatov (Tashiit)
12. Akbarov LU (Tashiit)
13. Fayzihodzhaeva ML, A. Sobirov (Tashiit, ACID)
Development and modernization of the infrastructure of railway stations in
14. Shmatchenko V. Plekhanov PA
International Railway Industry Standard IRIS as a tool to improve the efficiency
and safety of railway operations of the enterprise.

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