School Games Year 3/4 Hot Shots Basketball Area Final 2
School Games Year 3/4 Hot Shots Basketball Area Final 2
Round Robin – With a final if time permits
Tuesday 19th January – Danum Academy
1-3 pm
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Country Final
South Yorkshire School Games
EIS Sheffield
Wednesday 9th March – 9-3pm
Thank you for entering this year’s School Games Year 3/4 Hot Shots Basketball Area Final 2. This year’s festival will be
held at Danum Academy on Tuesday 19th January 1-3pm. Schools will be expected to arrive at 12:45pm prompt this
will allow the competition to start and finish on time.
Pupils will be expected to be changed and ready to play when they arrive at the ground as changing facilities will not
be available on arrival. All equipment will be provided on the day by the school so schools do not have to bring
their own.
The event lasts for two hours so children should bring refreshments for the competition. The event will take place
INDOORS so young people should bring appropriate clothing and footwear.
Attached to this letter are rules and further information about the competition. IT IS EXPECTED THAT SCHOOLS WILL
If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.
Martin Stirling and Craig Dallas
School Games Organisers
Rossington All Saints School and Balby Carr
01302 868414 ext 299
Or via email: [email protected]
Primary Competition Rules
Name of Sport – Y3/4 Hot Shots Basketball
Gender – Mixed, teams will consist of both boys and girls.
Numbers - A team should consist of minimum 8 players (4 boys and 4 girls) and maximum 10 in a squad
Format & Timings
 The game is played as a 4V4 competition with a size 5 basketball
 The 10 players should be rotated into the team throughout the tournament.
 There must always be an equal number of boys and girls on court at all times - 2 boys and 2 girls (4v4
competition). Each player must play a minimum of 4 minutes
 No player must play the total game time of 8min (teams ignoring this rule will forfeit the game).
 Everyone plays offence and everyone plays defence.
 The game starts with a “jump ball”, thereafter the possession alternates on every held ball. The
second half will be restarted with a jump ball.
 After a basket is scored, the team that scored must retreat into their own half (back–court) and allow
their opponents to bring the ball in from behind the baseline. Any player can score.
Basketball is a non contact game, in the event of a non-accidental contact, a foul will be called and the ball
will be given at the sideline to the team that was fouled.
A player fouled in the act of shooting is awarded the basket (2 points), the ball will then be played in from the
end line by the team who has just been scored against.
A foul is an illegal contact with an opponent. Players are not allowed to:
Hold, block, push, charge, trip or impede the progress of the opponent by extending his hand, arm, elbows,
hip, knee, foot
Bend his/her body into an “abnormal” position
If any of above occurs a foul should be called and the ball is awarded to the opposite team.
Each basket scored during the game is worth 2 points.
In the event of a draw at the end of 8 mins, play will continue on a “golden basket” basis – first team to score
wins. A game cannot be won on a referee’s call for a shooting foul as in rule 6. In this situation, the shooter
will take one free shot from the position where they were fouled. In the event of a misses shot the game will
continue till a “golden basket” is scored.

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