Rock Unit Vocabulary
rock cycle
igneous rock
extrusive igneous rock
intrusive igneous rock
sedimentary rock
detrital rock (p.179)
organic rock (p.180)
chemical rock (p.180)
metamorphic rock
foliated rock
nonfoliated rock
Rock Unit Vocabulary
minerals- inorganic solid material that rocks are made of
ore- mineral with enough useful metal it can be mined
rock- solid, inorganic material made of one or more minerals
rock cycle- diagram showing how rocks can change from one type to another
igneous rock- rock made when lava or magma cools and hardens
extrusive igneous rock- igneous rock formed above ground, no or small crystals form
intrusive igneous rock- igneous rock formed underground, large crystals
sedimentary rock- made from pieces of broken rock and minerals deposited in layers
detrital rock (p.179)- sedimentary rock formed by pieces of rock and minerals deposited in layers
organic rock (p.180)- sedimentary rock formed when dead plant and animal
matter is compressed, examples are chalk, coal and limestone
chemical rock (p.180)- sedimentary rock formed when water evaporates leaving
minerals behind, found at geysers, hot springs and sea-water coasts
crystals- mineral where atoms arranged in a repeating pattern
metamorphic rock- formed when igneous or sedimentary rock is changed by heat and pressure
foliated rock- metamorphic rock with visible layers of minerals
nonfoliated rock- metamorphic rock without visible layers of minerals