Rocks and Rock Cycle
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Matching: Write Igneous, Sedimentary, or Metamorphic on the line next to each description.
____________________1. Formed from cooling and hardening of magma
____________________2. Formed from compaction and cementation
____________________3. May be foliated or non-foliated
____________________4. Formed from other rocks that were changed
____________________5. May be classified as clastic, chemical, or organic
____________________6. May be extrusive or intrusive
____________________7. More than 75% of the surface of the continents are made of this rock
____________________8. Often contain fossils
____________________9. May have no crystals or glassy texture
____________________10. Can be crystallized from any kind of rock
Decide whether each statement is true or false. Write a T or F on the line provided at the left.
If the statement is false, correct the underlined word or words on the line to the right.
____11. Scientists think that when the earth first formed, its crust was made of metamorphic rock. ________________
____12.When magma cools slowly, the minerals within it form large crystals.
____13. When minerals in a rock have formed stripes or layers, the rock has a clastic appearance. _________________
__T__14. Felsic igneous rock is light in color.
____15. Intrusive igneous rock form on the Earth’s surface.
Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.
____16. Rock formed when magma cools slowly beneath the Earth’s surface is called
a. organic
b. intrusive
c. non-foliated
____17. Metamorphic rock made of only one mineral, as in the case of marble, is
a. non-clastic
b. non-foliated
c. non-chemical
____18. Rock formed from particles or fragments of other rocks is called
a. crystallized
b. clastic
c. extrusive
____19. When lava cools quickly, the minerals within it form
a. small crystals
b. sedimentary rock
c. bands or layers
____20. A mixture of large and small rock fragments cemented together forms
a. organic rock
b. foliated rock
c. conglomerate
Fill in the blanks with the word or words that will make the sentence true. Use the words below.
21._____________________Rock formed from lava that has cooled quickly is called ____.
22._____________________ An example of igneous rock is ____.
23._____________________An example of metamorphic rock is ____.
24._____________________An example of sedimentary rock is ____.
25._____________________Slate and schist are examples of ____ metamorphic rock.
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