We are starting 2015 with the introduction of 2 new radiofrequency procedures that tighten skin
without surgery - Infini and ThermiTight.
Radiofrequency devices deliver energy, in the form of heat, into different levels of the skin. This heat
tightens collagen and stimulates collagen renewal. If you heat the skin consistently to a specific level referred to as controlled bulk tissue heating - your skin's collagen will respond in several ways. The first
is a temperature induced immediate collagen contraction often giving some visible results right at the
time of treatment. In addition to immediate heat induced tightening, heat energy also stimulates
collagen production and renewal which occurs over about 3-6 months gradually tightening skin and
improving texture and fine lines.
As a cosmetic dermatologist with a vast experience with a number of different lasers and devices over
15 years, I can tell you that I truly believe in radiofrequency technology. The ability to safely,
consistently and gently heat tissue is revolutionary in how we treat aging skin. At Charlotte Skin & Laser
we offer several types of radiofrequency skin treatments: Thermage, Pelleve, and Exilis. We are very
excited about the 2 newest developments in radiofrequency tightening treatments - Infini and
Infini is a new radiofrequency device that is combined with microneedling. The microneedles penetrate
to different depths in the skin to deliver radiofrequency at deep, mid and superficial levels in the skin as
shown in this drawing with the yellow and orange dots representing thermal coagulation points of the
energy delivery:
The wide array of heating points and the surface microneedling combine to tighten skin and improve
skin texture and fine wrinkles. Infini is safe for any skin type and at any time of the year. The downtime
is very minimal and typically consists of just some mild swelling and redness for several days to a week
depending on area treated and treatment levels. A series of 2-3 treatments is recommended for most
ThermiTight is also a radiofrequency device but is delivered through a small probe that is inserted into
the skin while thermal imaging is used to monitor skin temperature. Because the probe is under the
skin, higher temperatures can be achieved in the deep layers without overheating the skin surface.
ThermiTight can be combined with liposuction in areas such as the chin and neck area and the chest wall
( the pesky bra fat). ThermiTight can also tighten knees and arms - areas that are very difficult to treat
with surgery due to large scars. Downtime is several days then some skin hardness for several months as
the area heals. Here is a photo of the thermal image seen during procedure - the bright yellow area is
the hottest and is where the probe is working:
Introductory pricing is being offered for both procedures. Come in and see if one of these treatments is
ideal for you!

We are starting 2015 with the introduction of 2 new radiofrequency