2010/11 Breeding Season (August 10 – May 11).
DUTCHMAN (NZ Agent: EquiBreed NZ Ltd) TO
Mare owner…………………………………………….
Mare owner details:
Mare details:
Mare name:
Registration No:
Is this mare in an embryo transfer programme?
Please inseminate the above named mare with semen from
the stallion DUTCHMAN:
Conditions of contract:
This contract must be signed by the mare owner and the Equibreed NZ Ltd veterinarian prior to
release of any semen.
The semen is priced at $NZ1200 + GST. A non-refundable booking fee of $NZ200 + GST is to be paid
by the mare owner to EquiBreed NZ Ltd, New Zealand to confirm the booking. The booking fee will be
deducted from the service fee when mare is confirmed pregnant.
This booking fee must be paid to EquiBreed NZ Ltd prior to the release of any FROZEN semen for use in
the above named mare.
The semen shall be released on a “service fee” basis only to mares inseminated at EquiBreed NZ
The semen will only be released on a “service fee” basis to mares younger than 16 years of age.
If the above named mare is 16 years or older, then the semen will be made available upon
payment of a full service fee.
I grant EquiBreed NZ Ltd the authority and discretion to either, not undertake, or cease the breeding
programme if the mare is deemed unsuitable for any reason.
If the above named mare fails to conceive after 3 cycles then she shall be withdrawn from the
breeding programme.
This contract is separate to any contract between the mare owner and the veterinary practice
managing the mare’s breeding programme (including EquiBreed NZ Ltd).
10. I agree that in the event that the above named mare fails to conceive that I will not hold EquiBreed
NZ Ltd responsible, and I agree to pay all fees incurred for services provided by EquiBreed NZ Ltd or
my designated veterinarian.
11. This contract is non-transferable without the written authorization of a veterinarian from EquiBreed
NZ Ltd.
12. EquiBreed NZ Ltd does not make any representation regarding the mare or stallion’s fertility.
13. The balance of the service fee will be invoiced at the time of a positive 15 day pregnancy scan.
14. All invoices will be payable by the 20th of the month following this positive pregnancy scan at 15 days
of gestation. Or up on collection of the mare from EquiBreed NZ Ltd.
15. No mares shall be released from EquiBreed NZ Ltd without full payment of any outstanding accounts
with EquiBreed NZ Ltd.
16. Failure to pay your account will result in the mare and pregnancy becoming the property of EquiBreed
NZ Ltd.
17. All pregnant mares will require a veterinary examination at 15, 30 and 45 days of gestation. If these
examinations are not performed, then rights to a “free return” will be waived.
18. In the event of the mare losing the pregnancy or the foal dying within 12h of birth, a free return will
be offered from the same stallion or one of equivalent value.
This free return will only be made available upon receipt of a veterinary certificate which
states that the mare has aborted or the foal died within 12h of birth. This veterinary
certificate needs to be sent to EquiBreed NZ Ltd within 14 days of the time of diagnosis of
the pregnancy loss or the death of the foal.
This free return will not be made available to mares that die, abort twins, have been
seriously injured or considered to be in poor health or condition as described in a veterinary
This free return will not be made available to mares that have foals with abnormalities,
congenital or otherwise.
19. Release of semen to another veterinary practice for insemination will incur the full payment of the
service fee prior to its release. Only 1 dose of semen shall be released at any one time. The mare
owner will be responsible for any semen dispatch and freight charges. Any unused semen and all
used straws shall remain the property of EQUIBREED NZ and must be returned to EquiBreed NZ
Ltd within 6 weeks of dispatch from EquiBreed NZ Ltd. The veterinarian shall be required to enter
into a separate agreement to be responsible for completing the record form accompanying the
dispatch and also for the security and proper use of the semen in only the mare described above.
20. Special conditions:
I declare that the above particulars are true and correct. I declare that I have read and understood the above
described conditions.
Signed (Mare Owner / agent):
Signed (EquiBreed NZ veterinarian):

SJW Tender Contract_DUTCHMAN semen