Science Ladder to Learning- Air Pressure and Wind
*Wind Power Debate
Research the debate regarding the use of wind power in North Carolina (mountains or coast). Write a five paragraph persuasive letter to Governor Pat
McCrory encouraging OR discouraging the use of wind power in NC. Your letter must include:
 a completed graphic organizer for planning and creating a rough draft.
 three reasons that support your view with examples and details explaining each reason.
 a typed final copy.
Use literacy writing strategies to compose your letter. Ask teachers/parents/peers to edit and give feedback before your final copy.
*Global Winds
Use the graphic organizer to display the
global wind patterns described on page
D58. Answer these three questions on the
1. How do convection cells near the
equator cause trade winds to form?
2. How are the polar easterlies
3. How would the wind behave if the
earth did not rotate on its axis?
Weather Instrument Booklet
Wind Power Development
Create a weather instrument booklet to display
these 6 instruments: (Use 8X11 paper)
anemometer, barometer, hygrometer (hair
hygrometer), rain gauge, thermometer, and
weather vane (pages: D34, D48, D62, D63)
1. Find a picture of the instrument and
paste it on the page, OR draw a picture
and color it.
2. Tell what each instrument is used for.
3. Select one instrument and research
details about who invented it and
when. Include this in the booklet.
Research the development of wind power
as a world energy source. Create a timeline
with at least 6 major advancements in this
field. Your display should include a graphic
element to represent each development as
well as the date and a brief explanation.
Social Studies Connection- Include a
paragraph on the back explaining how wind
helped the explorers to travel to the new
world. Give examples to support your
Cite all your resources using the literacy format.
Study Guides
Read pages D52-63
Think and Write D61
“Air Pressure and Wind”
“What Causes Sea Breezes and Land
Complete written response to the
“Bag in a Jar” lab.
Wow Word
sea breeze, land breeze, Coriolis effect,
convection cell, isobar
*Requires materials from your teacher
Grading Rubric:
1 pt- Mostly incomplete & incorrect, messy, difficult to understand
2 pts- Mostly complete & correct, but lacking some details and/or clarity
3 pts- Complete & correct, neat, easy to understand
4 pts- All of the above with a creative element and elaboration
5 pts- Over and above what is expected
24-21 pts= A
20-17 pts= B
16-13 pts= C
12- 9 pts= D
Science Ladder to Learning- Air Pressure and Wind

Science Ladder: Air Pressure and Wind