Level 1: Certificate in Photography
Course Overview
If your goal is to become a professional photographer then the Photography Diploma will
give you all of the skills which you need to get started. This comprehensive course is suitable
for beginners and more advanced photographers; whether you would like to start your own
business, gain employment in the industry or simply to realise your full potential in this
creative and interesting field.
Entry requirements
A reasonable level of literacy is required, but there are no entry restrictions. You just need a
keen interest in the subject.
Hard Copy Full Payment: £289 + £8 p+p
Online Copy: £274
(Monthly Instalments for both hard copy and online copy can also be arranged)
Career Prospects
Learners can embark on a career as a photographer. As a photographer, you would use a
camera to take still photographs for a huge range of uses. You would use your technical skills
and artistic vision to capture images of people, products, places or events, often on a client's
behalf. You would typically specialise in one area of photography, such as: general or social
(often known as 'high street' photography) - weddings and portraits advertising and editorial images for advertisements, magazines and photo libraries press and photojournalism - for
newspapers and other news publications fashion - photographing models and clothing for
magazines and catalogues corporate (industrial or commercial) - for company promotional
material scientific or medical - recording scientific research, or medical conditions and
treatments. With most types of photography, your day-to-day work would include: discussing
the project with the client, or receiving instructions (known as a 'brief') from them choosing
and preparing locations selecting appropriate cameras and accessories setting up lighting and
equipment composing and taking shots checking image quality post production - adjusting
and cataloguing image files and preparing digital files for final output using software such as
Photoshop marketing and running your business, if self-employed.
NCFE Accredited at Level 1
This course has been endorsed by the Northern Advisory Council for Further Education. The
content and depth of study required have been benchmarked at Level 1. All of our courses
satisfy the requirements of the appropriate level of the Qualification and Credit Framework
(QCF). They recognise that the student has gained a good knowledge and understanding of a
particular subject area, which is appropriate for many job roles. Many of them also result in
qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), which carry credits that
can be accumulated towards higher level qualifications.

Level 1 Certificate in Photography