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Department of History
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
William H. Bonsall Professor in History (2004-)
Professor (Sept. 1996)
Associate Professor (Sept. 1989)
Assistant Professor (Sept. 1982)
Harvard University
Harvard University
Middlebury College
Language and Literature
June 1980
March 1974
May 1972
Selected Honors, Grants:
2011-12 – Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford
2007-8 and 1998-99: Internal Faculty Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center
June 2007: Kahn-Van Slyke Prize for Graduate Mentoring, Dept. of History
2003-4: Stanford Institute for International Studies Faculty Research Fellow
2003-4 and 1986: National Endowment for Humanities Faculty Research Fellowship
2003-4: American Philosophical Society Sabbatical Fellowship
June 2002: Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2002
1994-95: John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship
1995, 1986, 1976-77: International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) travel grants
to Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad)
1995, 1986, 1976-77: Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship
1984-85: Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching, Stanford University
Recent Professional Service:
2007-13: Member, Board of Directors, National Council for Eurasian and East European
Research (Washington, D.C and Seattle)
2009 March: Chair, External Review Committee, Center for Russian and East
European Studies, University of Michigan.
Nov. 2006: Member, Ad hoc Appointment committee, Harvard University
2006: Chair, Committee to award the Bruce Lincoln Prize, American Association for
the Advancement of Slavic Studies
March 2002 and March 1998: Chair, Committee to Visit the Ukrainian Research
Institute, Harvard University (Oct. 1993: Member of same)
1995-97: Member at Large, Board of Directors, American Association for the
Advancement of Slavic Studies
1995-98, 1999-2003, 2004-7: Director, Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian
Studies, Stanford University
1992-95: Member, Selection Committee, International Research and Exchanges Board
1992-96: Member, Editorial Board, Slavic Review
1989-: Member, Editorial Board, Soviet Studies in History, now Russian Studies in
Selected Publications:
Kinship and Politics: The Making of the Muscovite Political System, 1345-1547.
Stanford University Press, 1987. 324 pp.
Excerpts anthologized in:
Daniel H. Kaiser and Gary Marker, comp. and ed., Reinterpreting
Russian History (New York and Oxford, 1994), pp. 154-58
James Cracraft, ed., Major Problems in the History of Imperial Russia
(Lexington, Mass. and Toronto, 1994), pp. 37-46.
Book chapter: "Muscovite Russia, 1450-1598," in Gregory L. Freeze, ed., Russia: A
History (Oxford and New York, 1997), pp. 27-54.
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748-70, 976-84 (bibliog).
"The Extremes of Patriarchy: Spousal Abuse and Murder in Early Modern Russia,"
Russian History 25 nos. 1-2 (1998): 133-40.
By Honor Bound: State and Society in Early Modern Russia (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell
University Press, 1999). 296 pp.
Russian translation: Soedinnenye chest’iu, trans. A. B. Kamenskii (Moscow,
2002). 461 pp.
"The Principalities of Rus' in the Fourteenth Century," in The New Cambridge Medieval
History. Vol.VI. c. 1300 - c. 1415 (Cambridge, 2000): 764-94, 1051-58 (bibliog.)
"Lynchings and Legality in Early Modern Russia," Forschungen zur osteuropaischen
Geschichte 56 (2002): 1801-6.
“Judicial Autonomy in the Criminal Law: Beloozero and Arzamas,” in Die Geschichte
Russlands im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert aus der Perspektive seiner Regionen, ed.
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“27 October 1698: Peter Punishes the Strel’tsy,” in Days from the Reigns of
Eighteenth-Century Russian Rulers. Newsletter of the Study Group on EighteenthCentury Russia (Cambridge, 2007), I: 23-36.
"Thoughts on Beauty and Violence: Images of the Crucifixion in Russian Iconography,”
in Anfologion (Moscow: Indrik, 2008), pp. 362-69.
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A. Kivelson and Joan Neuberger (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2008),
pp. 38-41 and Illus. 7.1.
“Torture in Early Modern Russia,” in V. Kivelson, K. Petrone, N. S. Kollmann and
Michael Flier, eds., The New Muscovite Cultural History (Bloomington, Ind.: Slavica,
2009), pp. 159-70.
“Marking the Body in Early Modern Judicial Punishment,” Harvard Ukrainian Studies
28, no. 1-4 (2006; publ. 2009): 557-65.
“The Concept of Political Culture in Russian History,” A Companion to Russian History,
ed. Abbott T. Gleason (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), pp. 89-104.
Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Russia, 1500-1725. Cambridge University Press,
Winner: Frances Richardson Keller Winner: Frances Richardson Keller-Sierra
Prize, Western Association for Women Historians 2013
Honorable Mention: 2013 Heldt Prize, Best Book in Slavic/Eastern
European/Eurasian Studies from Association of Women in Slavic Studies
“Pictures at an Execution: Johann Georg Korb’s ‘Execution of the Strel’tsy’,”
Dubitando: Studies in History and Culture in Honor of Donald Ostrowski. Brian Boeck,
Russell E. Martin and Daniel Rowland, eds. (Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers, 2012),
399-407. Russian version: festschrift for Nataliia Demidova, Moscow.
“The Litsevoi Svod as Graphic Novel: Narrativity in Iconographic Style,” Reinhard
Froetschner, ed., Collected Papers from International Conference on the Moscow
Illuminated Chronicle, Munich, Germany (forthcoming Moscow: AKTEON,).
Work in Progress:
Book: “The Russian Empire, 1450-1801” –200,000 words, Oxford University Press
Articles and eventually a book on the theme of visuality in early modern Russian
Long-term book project on works of history as political discourse in seventeenthcentury Russia.