December 14-15 2015 Tokyo, Japan
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1. Computational Mechanics
a. Adaptive Methods, b. Biomechanics, c. Case Based Designs,
d. Computational Mechanics using Mobile Interface, e. Computer Aided Design,
f. Computer Supported Collaborative Design, g. Decision Support Systems,
h. Formfinding, Topology and Structural Morphology, i. Fracture Mechanics, j. Integrated Design Systems,
k. Lifetime Costs, l. Model Verification and Validation, m. Monitoring of Structures & Buildings,
n. Object Oriented Programming, o. Real Time 3D Simulation, p. Safety Analysis, q. Structural Control,
r. Structural Engineering Including Steel, Bridge, Composite, RC and Masonry Structures,
s. Structural Health Monitoring,
t. Structural Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis, u. Uncertainty Models
2. IT Disaster Prevention
a. Automatic Damage Estimation using RS Technologies, b. Disaster Forecasting & Warning Systems
c. Disaster Risks & Vulnerabilities Mapping, d. Facing the Unexpected & Future Disasters
e. Fortifying Community based Resilience, f. Interdisciplinary Projects on Disaster Management
g. Realtime Response with C4ISR Concept, h. Special Topics for Vulnerabilities
3. Others
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Please pay the registration fee: US$300(30,000yen) before 15th Oct., US$350(35,000yen) after 15th Oct.,
US$100(10,000yen) for students.
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Bank Name: Mizuho Bank Ltd., Branch Name: Shibuya / 210,
Branch Address: 1-24-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tel: +81-3-3400-5151, Account No.: 1567675,
Account Name: USMCA, SWIFT Code: MHCBJPJT, Message: CODE2015

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