The Scientists
The Research
What was Gregor Mendel studying?
What did Frederich Miescher
What did Walter Fleming
What were the different traits that he was studying?
Did he know about DNA?
The Theory
And it’s
What were the three theories he came up?
Watch the interactive film. Read his
bio and discuss what he thought the
discovered? In 1869, he extracted
a substance from white blood
cells that he called nuclein. What
do you think he was actually
Watch the animation of All Cells
Derive from Pre-existing Cells. What
Theory did he come up with?
The Scientists
The Research
1910 –What was Thomas Morgan
1928-1940-What did Avery and Griffith
1950 What was Chargaff
Adenine (A) pairs with _____________
Guanine (G) pairs with _____________
The bases that are purines include
___________ & ____________.
The bases that are pyrimidines include
___________ & ______________.
The Theory
And it’s
What did he discover
What did they discover? Avery and Frederick
Griffith’s famous experiment was conducted in
1928. In this experiment, ______________
smooth virulent bacteria plus live rough
______________ bacteria killed mice. His
experiment demonstrated that DNA was the
_______________ material.
What did he discover? Watch
“Chargaff’s Ratios.”
Chargaff used relative proportions of
bases in DNA to come up with his rules
for base pairing. What are four sources
of DNA that he used?
Read slides 19 and watch the animation
1952-What was Rosalind Franklin
Who else worked with her?
1953 Who were James Watson and Francis
What are the four bases?
What are nucleotides?
What is the structure of the DNA molecule?
Explain the method she used.
What did she discover about the shape
of DNA?
The Theory What did she discover?
And it’s
What did they discover?
Discuss all three slides.
then Go back to the other link and read
1955 What else were they researching?
What did they say about the other half of
the DNA molecule?
What is the mRNA?
What is the central Dogma?
What are the Different types of RNA?
What is the importance of Amino Acids?
What did they discover?
The Scientists
The Research
1954 What was Seymour Benzer researching
What is a gene
What is crossing over and what do the beads
What do you think he means by divisible?
1957-What were Meselson and Stahl
researching on?
How is a DNA made?
When is DNA made?
What did Watson and Crick suggest?
1961 –What was Sydney Brenner
Researching on?
Which RNA carried the message
from DNA to the ribosome?
The Theory
And it’s
What did he discover?
What did they discover?
What did he discover?
Choose any scientist
The Scientists
The Research
1961 What was Marshall Nirenberg
researching on?
What is the genetic code?
What is a codon?
What occurs in the nucleus?
What happens in the cytoplasm?
1950- What did Fred Sanger research on?
What did he determine about the protein
What does the genetic code determine?
The Theory
And it’s
What did they discover?
What did he discover?
The discovery and significance of DNA was a collaborative
Go to DNA and Protein, and then look at what is a gene, and what is DNA.
Share your learning with each other by collaborating and putting together all the discoveries that the scientists have made through the
ages and understand the significance of DNA and heredity.
Work in groups and choose a method to present this material to the class. You can use PPP; draw it on poster board, or any other
method that they can think of. You need to get it approved by me.
The project must include all the scientists.
The project must include their discoveries.
The project must contain the significance of DNA. What is the purpose of the genetic code? What method is used to copy
information? Show a timeline about the discoveries. The project must be neat and organized. It must be display all the scientists. It
must show their discoveries. Through this, the project should be able to show what the purpose and method is that DNA uses. This is
a 100% project so presentation is part of the grade.