Herein lies a collection of delightful, captivating and easily readable humorous
anecdotes – the perfect antidote for business people enslaved to the daily commute, dull
office cubicles and standard boardroom décor.
Author Chiew Y. Chong lays bare the colourful aspect of WWF’s inner soul,
viewed through his eyes as their financial director and having spent many years himself
in both the corporate world and that of the NGO.
Travelling from north to south, and east to west, Chiew takes us on a global
jaunt with personalities and lifestyles that make up the fascinating world of
philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.
Always insightful, yet leaving much room for the reader’s imagination, the
author recites countless tales of wisdom, honesty and naiveté – some distance indeed
from the sophisticated voice of corporate marketing and political spin. Yet strangely
enough, reading one of the chapters, ‘Freshly Cut Sandwiches’, one detects the root
cause of Wall Street’s immense and complex greed in the primitive ‘double-yourmoney borrowing scheme’ of the simple African witch doctor.
Chiew’s power of observation and vernacular writing style makes this book a
very pleasant and entertaining read. Written from the heart, it is an anthology to the
diversity of mankind. One could only wish to have been part of this wonderful tour du
monde as it occurred, a fly-on-the wall so to speak, or a travel companion perhaps.
Bob Bishop
Founder and President, ICES Foundation
Former Chairman and CEO of Silicon Graphics, Inc., a publicly listed Silicon Valley
based corporation.

Book`s Foreword