Impressive Bullys Stud Contract
Owner: Kim Taylor
Stud: West Coast Impressives' Krug
Owner: Kim Taylor
6625 Macon, Ga 31217
Stud Fee: currently $5000.00 10/20/2014
Dam reg. name and call name __________________________
Veterinarian Name and Address (provide contact info for vet that will be used for this breeding)
We require a copy of your females AKC Registration, her AKC issued Pedigree, and any DNA certificates you have, both color and
AKC, and a photo, plus stud fee, before any stud services are reserves, rendered, or shipped. We will NOT reserve a spot with one
of our studs without ALL the required documents, contracts, and payment. If someone else calls and reserves a spot at the same
time your girl is in, we will have no choice but to deny our services to you unless you have reserved our stud properly. You may
send a copy or a clear photo to [email protected] Please notify me when it is sent.
Both parties agree that the Impressive Bullys name will not be used in the sale of the puppies of their dam. The STUD DOG’S name
can be used as the name of the sire only. The puppies produced by this dam are the property of the dam’s owner and are not
puppies belonging to Impressive Bullys and will not be sold or health guaranteed as Impressive Bullys pups. If there is a Pick of
Litter Agreement it will be noted in the “Stud Fee” portion of the Stud Contract.
Both parties agree that one live puppy constitutes a litter. Failure to raise the litter does not constitute a repeat breeding. Both
parties agree that their own dogs involved in this breeding are in good health and that all shots and worming are up to date before
the day of breeding to be verified by a veterinarian if necessary. Dam Owner agrees to be forthcoming with ALL vet info and records
in connection with the birth and should they be requested by Impressive Bullys .
Our service is to provide you with good quality, live, healthy and motile semen for your use. This is what you are paying for. There is
much involved in this process which costs us money, time, and limits the use of our male for others. Conception after live, motile
semen is delivered or inseminated is the sole responsibility of the Dam’s owner and/or your veterinarian. There must be accurate
timing, proper procedures, and ovulation eggs dropped in order for the semen to do its job. Progesterone testing and veterinary
semen analysis is required at time of breeding, by dam owner, for rebreeding in the event of a "no take ". Breeding without the
consultation of a veterinarian is at your own risk, no rebreeding with result without it.
Dam Owner is to notify Stud Dog Owner ten (10) days before whelping, that the dam is not bred and is to be due for a repeat
breeding. Failure to notify Stud Dog Owner constitutes a null and void contract. A letter from a Certified Veterinarian shall be
provided to the Stud Dog Owner for the proof that the dam is not bred and for records in my files. Dam owner will pay all expenses
for shipping and collection for rebreeding. Only one rebreeding will be offered. Same dam must be used for the breeding each time,
no transfers. Both parties agree that if the dam changes ownership, the stud service will be null and void.
Both parties agree that if the stud dog dies, or is not on the premises for breeding or is being used by another dam at the time of
repeat breeding, the Stud Dog Owner will have the right to breed another male of their choice.
Impressive Bullys in no way guarantees the quality or health of puppies produced from this breeding. Both parties agree that the
genetics, structure, quality, all health issues or problems, etc. are the sole responsibility of the Dam Owner and that Impressive
Bullys is in no way responsible for any of the foregoing in any way or manner whatsoever. Impressive Bullys certifies that at the time
of this contract, to the best of their knowledge there are no major health or genetic issues with the Stud Dog.
The owner of the Stud and Dam agree to the payment of the posted stud fee. This amount must be paid to Kim Taylor, DBA
Impressive Bullys before the signing of this contract and two (2) days BEFORE the first insemination or shipment unless we have an
emergency agreement.
In shipment of cooled/frozen semen all shipping charges are to be paid by the Dam Owner with the stud service payment or a Fedex
acct. number must be provided.
If in the event that there is a Pick of Litter agreement as the Stud Fee, the terms are as follows; Impressive Bullys gets first pick of
the litter no matter how small. The litter will be verified with photos and records directly from your vet to us within 24 hours of birth. If
there is only one puppy, that puppy will be sold by Impressive Bullys and the money split evenly between Impressive Bullys and the
Dam Owner or the stud fee can be paid by the dam owner at time of birth. You are responsible to provide us with biweekly good
quality pictures of ALL the puppies. You are responsible to get a complete physical vet checkup of the whole litter between 4 to 6
weeks of age with the results provided to us directly from your vet. At that point, we will pick our puppy. If our pick puppy dies or gets
sick, the picking process will start over again, even if you have promised puppies, sold puppies, or fell in love with one of them. We
are counting on you to keep our puppy healthy and alive. Until our puppy is delivered to us in good health and condition, your stud
fee is not paid. You are also responsible for delivering the puppy to Impressive Bullys at your cost. You will then provide us the
needed information to register the litter (at your cost) and the Registration Application for pick of the litter will be signed & sent to our
address as soon as you receive them from AKC. Registration of the litter must be done immediately after our puppy is received and
you receive confirmation from AKC that we have approved your litter.
We require GOOD photos of any produced puppies for our studs Progeny section of his photo album and to verify the litter. We
reserve the right to use any and all photos in any way we choose. Litter approvals will be done after acceptable photos are received
by Impressive Bullys.
Stud owner:
Dam Owner: