Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 18 August 2015 at Northgate
Surgery Uttoxeter at 6.00pm
Mike Barrett (Treasurer)
Pauline Boden (Practice Manager)
Ian Bye (Secretary)
Ann Bye (Chair)
Laura King
Christine Lancaster
Phillip Lancaster
Sue Poole (Practice)
Carol Salt
John Ward
These had been received from Marika Latham
2. Minutes of last meeting
These were agreed
3. Matters Arising from last meeting
3a CAB
PB commented that it was unlikely that there would
be space in the practice for the CAB to use it
regularly, as there was only two private rooms and PB
these were in use regularly. AB asked if once or
twice a month would be possible, and PB said she
would ask.
3b Computer Skills PL mentioned that one issue
the CAB had raised was the lack of computer skills
amongst older Clientelle, which was more
problematic now that the government want more
done online. It was mentioned that the U3A had
computer training and that advice was available at
the Wednesday coffee morning at Wilfred House.
Training was also available at the Library.
3c Information Book. This is coming on well.
Carol is working on the information provided by
Laura and though not completed as yet it is well on
the way. It was decided to meet on the following
Wednesday to discuss this further
4. Front Desk Issues
None to report
5 Friends and Family and DNA’s
SP reported that there was very little reported on
the Friends and Family feedback forms, just one
card for the month of July. However feedback was
coming in well on the text, and was very positive.
The DNA’s remained at about 80 per month. Some
research had been carried out of the distribution of
this, and one of the peak areas was childhood
immunisation. PL said it was a matter of respect in SP
that people seemed to feel that they could do this. It
was decided to look at this again at the next
meeting, and do a breakdown by age and put some
costs onto it.
6 Improving Lives
AB commented that this was a slow process. One
of the issues was that there appeared to be limited
ways of monitoring the value of the contract. There
was some hard outcomes listed, including hospital
admissions and premature death rates and other
softer outcomes such as wether indivuals felt cared
for , and supported. AB said that it was hoped to
save money by the use of IT hardware that would
link care providers, enabling there to be one central
contact point for the clients. AB said that Virgin
care were introducing Care Co-ordinators who
could act as liason between the patient and
specialist GP’s.
AB also said some small amounts of money were
available for innovative ideas to help the frail,
elderly and those with long term conditions.
7. Funding
We had some donations of things from Mike,
Christine and Marika. AB asked for volunteers to
man the stall and LK, CL and CS volunteered.
MB commented that he had not had time to meet
with PB as yet, but would aim to do so as soon as
8. Cardiac Rehab
PB commented that this had been passed to Claire
for some research to be done and she wasn’t sure
where that had got to. Dr Cousins had said that
level 3 was compulsory for a few weeks. However
the closure of the Balance St Gym made it difficult
for people who did not have the money to join the
Leisure Centre. It was reported that there was a bus
link to Burton Hospital for patients, (phone 01283
9 Any Other Business.
9a Notice Board JW commented that the Notice
Board for the PPG was behind the children’s play
area which made it difficult to access. This posed
dangers in both people falling over the kit, and also
shoes from outside being on the play area which
may spread infections. PB said it would be hard to
move either the board or the play area as most areas
of the waitng are full. It was agreed that JW and PB
would meet up on Wednesday 26th to discuss the
PB and JW
9b Shingles CL asked about the injections for
shingles. PB responded that the injection was
offered at 70 and currently at 79, but the upper age
limit drops each year. After the age of 80 the
vaccine is found to be less effective.
9c Flu Jabs PB commented that the delivery of the
vaccine would be made on Sept 17. It was
anticipated that the process would begin on the last
Saturday in Sept, ( 26th)
AB and PB to
9d Collaborative Surgeries. PB reported that
surgeries across the area were linking up to discuss
issues arising from Improving Lives and
government changes. It was asked if we would be
interested in joining this, and after some discussion
it was agreed that this would be helpful.
AB to discuss with
Ann Tunley
9e Memory Improvement. It was reported that a
study by Edinburgh University had found that
exercise and mind challenges, (crosswords etc)
were good for the brain and could stave off
9f Next Speaker It was decided that the sport
development officer at ESBC would be asked to
come to the next meeting to discuss what was
available and the health walks.
10 Date of Next Meeting
This would be Tuesday 27 October at 6pm

Minutes from PPG meeting 18th August 2015