Holland Elementary
PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:30am
CALL TO ORDER by PTO President, Patty Pine at 9:36am.
Motion to approve minutes was delayed until January, 2013 PTO meeting.
Mr. Sanko began the meeting by acknowledging the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary in
Connecticut. That incident expedited the move of the main office to the front of the building and
main entrance opening. Originally, the main office and entrance would have opened on January
2, 2013. Mr. Sanko emphasized that schools are safe. Safety measures are in place. There are
details and protocols that he won't discuss because it shouldn't be public knowledge. We
shouldn't want them to be public knowledge. All exterior doors are locked. Drills are practiced
with the students and staff. On the Monday after the Sandy Hook tragedy, counselors were made
available but were not used.
When the students return from winter break, there will be seven changes to the building. All
fourth grade classrooms, the art room, the music room, instrumental music room, ILS
classrooms, and cafeteria will be relocated. All food will be prepared at Hilcrest Elementary and
delivered to the new gym for the remainder of the school year. Our staff prepares the food and
will make the two deliveries each day. A question was asked if the menu would be changed to
accommodate this change. Mr. Sanko answered that he asked the cafeteria staff to make slight
changes for the first week after winter break to work out any kinks and then the menu would be
back to normal after that.
A question was asked if the doors to the building would be locked for PTO evening meetings.
Mr. Sanko answered that the custodians will unlock doors for the PTO. A question was asked
how our teachers were holding up after Sandy Hook. Mr. Sanko answered that they are sad and
have reached out to the Sandy Hook community. Student Council and some classrooms are
making snowflakes to decorate the new school. A question was asked if the Sandy Hook tragedy
was addressed in the older classrooms. Mr. Sanko answered no. It was only being addressed in
grades 7 thru 12. The administrative team met on Sunday and decided normalcy is best in
Kindergarten thru grade 6. If it did come up in the classroom, the teachers were to use resources
of counselors. Mr. Sanko noted that when the students returned to school on Monday, they were
distracted by the new entrance and office. A parent thanked Mr. Sanko for emailing the
community on the day the tragedy occurred. It was appreciated.
Mrs. Pine read the following statement from former Vice President, Maureen Smith:
"It is with much reflection; soul searching and regret that I have decided to resign as Vice
President of the Holland Elementary PTO. As many of you are aware, my personal life
circumstances have changed drastically since the end of August. Jack's job now requires him to
travel. The recovery from my surgery caused delays and miscommunications in the beginning of
the year. I have a second surgery coming up before the end of the year and that brings along
another recovery period. Jack and I had a heart-to-heart about this decision again over the
Thanksgiving Holiday and it was not easy at all for me to make. I will continue to support the
PTO's efforts.
I must say how proud I am to have been to be part of the Executive Board of the Holland
Elementary PTO. Jack and I wish everyone continued success.
Maureen Smith"
SCIENCE FAIR - Tina Sjostedt: Mrs. Sjostedt announced that on-line registration for the
Science Fair ends on January 22, 2013. Currently, there is not a good turnout. Only 30 students
have registered on-line. The first week after the winter break, a registration form will be sent
home in backpacks. A question was asked about which grades can participate. Mrs. Sjostedt
answered all grades are eligible. The students could work individually or in groups. The groups
can even be students in different grades. There are science fair books available in the library that
were purchased last year by Mrs. Sava. It was suggested that your child could talk to Mrs. Sava
during their library time about which books were grade appropriate for ideas on science fair
projects. Mrs. Sjostedt asked Mr. Sanko if the Science Fair could be announced in the
classrooms. Mr. Sanko said he would be sending the teachers an email. Mrs. Sjostedt requested
that the PTO send listservs as reminders as well.
PRETZEL SALES - Tina Sjostedt: The pretzel sales are going really well. She only has about
10 leftover each week. A new location is needed with the new entrance. Mr. Sanko said he will
help Mrs. Sjostedt figure it out.
GIFT CARD PROGRAM - Patty Pine: The gift card program is doing well so far. We have
made over $300 so far and the sale will continue for the remainder of the school year. Mrs. Pine
suggested that families consider pre-purchasing food store gift cards to do their food shopping
with. If each family purchased at least $50 in Acme or Giant gift cards, we could make $1500.
SPRING FAIR - Patty Pine: Beginning in January, we will be planning the Spring Fair. We are
looking for a committee to meet regularly to plan the fair. The Fair is being held rain or shine at
Council Rock South on May 18, 2013. If it rains, the event will be in the gym. If it is sunny, the
event will be on the Track & Field. There are several committees needing to be formed: Games
& Prizes, Entertainment, Sponsors, Tickets, Food, and Volunteers. It takes an army to run this 4
hour event. On average, we need about 100 volunteers. This year, we have a family donating
pony rides. We anticipate that being a good money maker. Last year, we raised $8,000. Let's
try to meet that or beat that this year. A question was asked if students can receive LINCS hours.
Yes. Students can begin earning LINCS hours in 8th grade.
PLAYGROUND - Patty Pine: Mrs. Pine announced that we need to start a planning process for
fundraising for a new playground. Much of the playground equipment Holland Elementary has
will not be able to be used again. We've discussed selling bricks for the Memorial Garden.
Families would be able to purchase a brick with their family name or dedication engraved on it.
Mr. Sanko said that we would need to meet with Doug Taylor, Director of CR Operations, to
find out what we are allowed to do. Specific laws need to be followed toward building a
playground. Also, after we reach a certain level of funding, the School Board would have to
approve the purchase. Our next step is to discuss this with Doug Taylor. Mr. Sanko
recommended that the Playground Committee should talk to Maryann Pavie. She was
instrumental in purchasing all playground equipment. She knows the vendors.
Due to the resignation of Maureen Smith, the Vice-President position needs to be filled for the
completion of the term which ends in June 2014. Lori DePaolo, our current Treasurer, asked to
be considered for the Vice-President position. This leaves the Treasurer position open. Alyssa
Newton has put her name in to be considered for the Treasurer position. First, a motion needs to
be made to waive the requirement in our by-laws that states a person is only eligible to run for a
position on the Board if they have attended 5 or more meetings in the last school year. Mrs. Pine
explained that this motion is needed because Mrs. Newton is new to Holland Elementary this
year. The motion was maid and it was unanimous. Mrs. Newton is able to run for the position
of Treasurer. Nancy Lo volunteered to assist/support the Treasurer. Ballots were handed out
among the attendees of the meetings. Also, there were ballots delivered to the office that
morning that were included in the final count.
The results of the vote for Lori DePaolo becoming the Vice President of the Holland PTO: 11
yes, 0 no.
The results of the vote for Alyssa Newton becoming the Treasurer of the Holland PTO: 11 yes,
0 no.
MEETING ADJOURNED by Patty Pine at 10:48am.

Holland Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes Thursday, December 20

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