Hexane- flammable liquid, respiratory irritant, dispose in fume hood
Pentane- flammable liquid, narcotic in high concentration, dispose by burning or by licensed hazardous
waste company
Heptanes-C7H16 Fire Hazard, Flammable liquid, slightly toxic by inhalation, Disposed by putting in fume
Methanol-Disposal in fume hood, flammable, toxic by ingestion
Ethanol- dispose in drain, poisonous, flammable
Propanol- dispose in drain- safety hazards: Flammable, toxic by ingestion and inhalation: safety
precautions: tie hair back, roll up sleeves, keep away from face and mouth
Butanol- CH3(CH2)2CH2OH, fume hood, moderate fire risk, toxic by inhalation and ingestion and eye
irritant, MW= 74.12
Octanol- CH3(CH2)7OH, fume hood, skin irritant, slightly toxic, MW= 130.08