Pre-course task for 2015 entry
AS Medieval & Early Modern History
Why do I need to complete a pre-course task?
The preparation activities on the following pages must be completed by all students who
have opted to take Medieval & Early Modern History.
When should I hand it in?
You should have completed this task by Monday 29th June which is our Welcome Day; you will
shortly be receiving an invite to this event. You should hand it in to Mark Sheridan on this day.
Please ensure your name is written on the top of every page of work you produce.
How will I be given feedback on how well I have done?
Work will be marked and feedback given during induction. This work comprises an element of
the assessment used during induction.
Task In Detail
Your work:
Must be handwritten, in full sentences and paragraphs
Ought to take around two hours to complete (no more than three hours)
Must be written on lined A4 paper (with a margin)
Welcome to the Medieval & Early Modern History Course at New College. For the next year and
hopefully beyond you will be studying one of the most fascinating periods of history, a world that
is very different from our own. In order to prepare for your study of the period, you are to
undertake the following task which is designed to lead you towards an understanding of life in
the middle ages and the way in which people perceived their world. The task needs to be taken
seriously. Along with your GCSE results it will be used to indicate your suitability to take the
Task One
Study the following pieces of evidence. You will also need to undertake some independent
research into medieval life. Use websites and any books from your local library.
Huddersfield New College, New Hey Road, Huddersfield, HD3 4GL
Telephone: 01484 652341 email: [email protected]
Source A: An illustration from a medieval book.
Source B: A painting from the wall of a medieval church.
Source C: an illustration from an account of the Crusades
Having studied the sources answer the following questions.
Please handwrite rather than word processing your answers as we wish to make an initial
assessment of both your historical and literary skills. Questions a) and b) should be single
paragraph answers.
a) What impression do sources A B and C give of life in the Middle Ages?
Task Two
Now study the next two sources
Huddersfield New College, New Hey Road, Huddersfield, HD3 4GL
Telephone: 01484 652341 email: [email protected]
Source D: A wall painting from a medieval palace.
Source E: an illustration from a medieval book
b) In what ways do these two sources (D and E) give a different impression of life in the Middle
Ages compared to the first three sources?
c) Using all the sources and your own knowledge assess how far you would agree with the view
that the Middle Ages were an unpleasant and violent period in which to live?
We would expect question c) to be a piece of extended writing, (about 2 - 3 sides) and there
should clear be evidence that you have done some wider research. A list of the sources you have
consulted would be helpful.
Huddersfield New College, New Hey Road, Huddersfield, HD3 4GL
Telephone: 01484 652341 email: [email protected]

History (Medieval and Early Modern)