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Rock Cycle Gizmo
Vocabulary: deposition, erosion, extrusive igneous rock, intrusive igneous rock, lava, lithification
(basically…cementation), magma, metamorphic rock, rock cycle, sediment, sedimentary rock, soil, weathering
Gizmo Warm-up
Over millions of years, rocks are broken down and
transformed into other rocks. The Rock Cycle Gizmo™
illustrates the different transformations that make up
the rock cycle.
1. What are the 3 types of rocks?
2. Label where these 3 types of rocks can be found.
3. Magma is molten (liquid) rock under Earth’s
When it cools, it forms either extrusive or intrusive igneous rocks. How do these two types of igneous
rocks differ in terms of their formation and their characteristics? _________________________________
Activity A:
The rock cycle
Get the Gizmo ready:
 Click Start again.
Question: What is the rock cycle?
4. Observe: A cycle is a path with the same start and end. Create a rock cycle with the Gizmo.
A. Click Magma. How hot is magma? _______________________________________
B. Click Crystallization (below ground). What kind of rock is formed when magma cools below the
surface? _______________________________________________
C. Click Exposure and weathering. What forms when rocks break down? __________
D. Click Erosion and deposition. In what ways are sediments transported? __________________
E. Click Lithification and compaction. (Lithification (cementation) is hardening into rock.) What
kind of rock is formed from sediments? ____________________________________
F. Click Increase temp. and pressure. What kind of rock is formed? ______________
G. Click Melt. What is formed when rocks melt deep underground? ________________
5. Describe: What are the stages in this rock cycle? ____________________________________________
6. With a partner: In the spaces below, create three rock cycles. Go through each of your Journeys through
the Rock Cycle (cartoon) pathways for Cycles 1 & 2 and then make up a third cycle together using the
simulation. You need to have at least 10 “stops” in your 3rd Cycle!
Cycle 1
Cycle 2
Cycle 3
7. Practice: List the steps that would cause each transformation below.
A. Intrusive igneous rock  sedimentary rock: ________________________________
B. Metamorphic rock  sediment: _________________________________________
C. Sedimentary rock  Extrusive Igneous: ___________________________________
D. Sedimentary rock  sediment: __________________________________________
E. Intrusive Igneous rock  Metamorphic rock: _______________________________
8. Assessment Questions: Record your answers below.

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